Top 10 Reasons Why the Wild is Better Than Madagascar Is

Let's see why I think anyway that the earlier is better than the other.

The Top Ten

1 The Wild is Funnier

Madagascar is unfunny. While The wild is better than Shrek 2 is. - lolsy

2 Madagascar's Characters Won't Shut the Hell Up.

I talk to myself saying: Calm Down, Don't smash the T.V. even though this film is very annoying. - lolsy

3 The Wild Has Better Villains

I feel like they are more creative while Madagascar has your typical goofy villain blah blah blah. - lolsy

4 The Wild's Animation of the Animals is Better.

In Madagascar the animation is kind of lame. While The Wild's is average. - lolsy

5 The Main Characters are Better.

The characters do get better though. - lolsy

6 The Side Characters are Better

The Wild's turtles are so much more hilarious than Madagascar is. - lolsy

7 No One Goes at Dreamworks for Their 50000 Spinoffs.

Shark Tale
While Disney always get the full end of the sticks - lolsy

8 Disney Learnt from It

DreamWorks did NOT - lolsy

9 Disney Has Their Payback.

DreamWorks ripped off their films 3 times before. - lolsy

10 Dreamworks Has a Rubbish Best Friend Realtionship

Disney Does - lolsy

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