Top 10 Reasons Why the Wild is Better Than Madagascar Is

Let's see why I think anyway that the earlier is better than the other.

The Top Ten

1 The Wild is Funnier

This is the absolute worst list I've ever seen in my entire life, terrible just terrible. Madagascar is one of the best Dreamworks movies and is superior to the Wild. I bet this list is just a joke but if it's not, the creator must have fell as a baby.

Madagascar is unfunny. While The wild is better than Shrek 2 is.

2 Madagascar's Characters Won't Shut the Hell Up.

I talk to myself saying: Calm Down, Don't smash the T.V. even though this film is very annoying.

3 The Wild Has Better Villains

I feel like they are more creative while Madagascar has your typical goofy villain blah blah blah.

4 The Wild's Animation of the Animals is Better.

In Madagascar the animation is kind of lame. While The Wild's is average.

5 The Main Characters are Better.

The characters do get better though.

6 The Side Characters are Better

The Wild's turtles are so much more hilarious than Madagascar is.

7 No One Goes at Dreamworks for Their 50000 Spinoffs.

Shark Tale
While Disney always get the full end of the sticks

8 Disney Learnt from It

DreamWorks did NOT

9 Disney Has Their Payback.

DreamWorks ripped off their films 3 times before.

10 Dreamworks Has a Rubbish Best Friend Realtionship

Disney Does

The Contenders

11 There's Bullying Scenes
12 Marty has a weird voice
13 Marty was bullying
14 The Wild is Not Evil
15 The Fossas are Evil
16 Madagascar is Overrated
17 Madagascar is Not Disney
18 Madagascar is sad
19 There's Crying in Madagascar Not in the Wild
20 Madagascar is hated

Yes it is

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