10 Reasons Why the Wind Rises is Better Than the Lego Movie

The Wind Rises = one of the best movies ever

The Lego Movie = one of the worst movies ever

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1 The Wind Rises has a wonderful story; The Lego Movie has a awful story

The story of The Wind Rises is so complex and interesting. - Weasltown

How many more "idiot saves the world through happenstance" movies do we really need?

I don't care for The Lego Movie, but I've never heard of the other one before

Zootopia is way better than either of these movies

2 The Lego Movie is the most overrated film ever.

There was a time I would agree wholeheartedly, but now Zootopia is taking that title.

I'd agree with whoever said "There was a time I would agree wholeheartedly, but now Zootopia is taking that title.", but at least Zootopia didn't have annoying characters, a dumb plot, and stupid acting

Finding Dory Is The Most Overrated Movie, Actually, I Like Both Movies But In Terms Of Story And Characters And Animation, Yeah The Wind Rises Is Better - VideoGamefan5

Who cares?

3 The Wind Rises has lovable characters; The Lego Movie has annoying characters

Ok, which of the two movies has that annoying... cat... thing that makes Pinkie Pie look like Eeyore, that astronaut who keeps saying "spaceship", the worst version of Batman since George Clooney, the annoyingly perky construction worker who laughs at random things, that leather-clad "biker chick" with black hair and bright colored stripes whose desgin is about a decade if not two decades too late, and that other construction worker who was so clueless yet we were supposed to root for him just because he found a cap? Sorry, but the aforementioned characters are annoying.

The Lego Movie has three characters I just wanted to see thrown into a fire and all attempts to be "funny" came off as anything but.

I really felt for Jiro and Naoko both as individual characters and as a couple, but couldn't and still can't get behind Emmet and Wyldstyle as a couple or as individual characters.

Jiro is definitely better than Emmet.

4 The Wind Rises has beautiful animation; The Lego Movie has awful animation

Yes, it does. You Lego fans only give the animation in your precious movie, the excessive and unnecessary amount of "Lego Insert Good Movie or Comic Book Here" video games, and shows like "Ninjago" and "Chima" so much credit because you're so obsessed with the things. Not everyone is so easily impressed.

Well, of course The Wind Rises doesn't have awful animation. Would you expect anything less from a Miyazaki film?

No it doesn't have awful animation

Both of them are'nt terrible though.
The Wind Rises has beautiful Ghibli animation and yeah, anime.
While Lego Movie has realistic visuals and graphics thinking you're mistaken for a stop motion animation.

5 Even though The Wind Rises is a drama, it's funnier than The Lego Movie

No, The Wind Rises wasn't a bunch of thrown together attempts at cheap laughs.

Both movies are equally funny

6 The Lego Movie wastes the talents of several good actors.

Worth noting that "The Wind Rises" put the talents of both the American *and* Japanese casts to good use.

7 The Wind Rises has an incredible ending; The Lego Movie has a incredibly overrated ending
8 The Wind Rises is more heartwarming.
9 The Wind Rises is more entertaining.

Ha! Your favorite phrase falls flat here. Both movies can't be equally "more entertaining".

So is The Lego Movie

10 The Wind Rises doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator

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11 The Wind Rises doesn't have fans that try to bait people who don't agree with them

Case in point: the people asking the person who said they wanted to throw three characters into a fire are only doing that so they can chew out the poster no matter which characters they meant and defend the characters in question in a way that makes caps girl's defending of Elsa look rational.

12 The Lego Movie is annoying.

And has an annoying fandom to boot.

13 The Wind Rises is a Miyazaki film, The Lego Movie is an American film

Why do I get the feeling this was added by that person or one of those people if it was more than one who kept saying "this is so racist" on various random list items on other "better than The Lego Movie" lists just so they could have a list item they could legitimately say that on and get away with it? Incidentally I do like both American and Miyazaki films but there are far better American films than The Lego Movie and I still prefer The Wind Rises over The Lego Movie.

I probably would agree with that big comment, those stupid Lego worshippers are always calling us racist

WOAH! Let's try not to get Race into this list

This item is racist

14 The Lego Movie is made by Warner Bros
15 The Lego Movie was used to sell toys
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