Top Ten Reasons Why Winx Club Is Better Than the Sailor Moon Anime

These are my two favorite shows. But now I've kind of lost interest in it after I finished the series on YouTube, so I feel the need to point out ten things I did not like about Sailor Moon. Again, I did not feel the need to put all caps on this one because it will take too long. Enjoy!

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1 Bloom actually helps in the battles

How is this even a list. It's so stupid how people just judge off of the anime. Sailor moon is one of the most influential manga and animes ever. There are references to Sailor Moon in many modern T.V. shows such as Adventure Time, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and in Steven Universe. This list is just stupid. Plain stupid.

That's right sailor moon always just stands there while her friends are fighting she just stands there waiting to attack when just someone just call her name,but bloom did not do that I mean she is always helps the winx club and she is super helpful to her friends

What I mean is that Saior Moon just stands there while her friends go into battle and waits for the last shot, but Bloom physically shoots her powers and takes in damage. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Stella is nicer than Ray

Someties Stella can be over the top about things but she always gets down to Earth (both literally and good naturedly) when there is trouble or when her friends and people's lives are concerned, she will always be there. Based on Ray's behavior and attitude, in some situations I think that Ray would either use the opportunity to poke fun at the other Sailors, tease Luna and Artemis, or just do anything mean that doesn't concern fighting. I know she puts Sailor Moon in her place, but sometimes it is unnecessary and un called for. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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3 Bloom does not whine and cry like Sailor Moon

I like Sailor Moon a lot, but sometimes Serena is just over the top and the unnecessary wailing is just annoying and its not funny, in some circumstances like during battles or when her drink spills. Bloom will not do this and she always cries when something bad happens. Even the Sailors know she cries too much. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I like sailor moon a little,but sometimes I was just thinking that "is she a teenager? " Because she always whine and cry and acting like a 3 year old, but bloom is acting like a 16 year old girl and really smart and powerful and does not whine and crh

4 The Wizards of the Black Circle are better villains than the Black Moon Clan

The Wizards of the Black Circle have cooler outfits, better moveset, and Ogron can heal himself with every atack taken. Plus the Wizards of the Black Circle are more coordinated and organized, and they know who their leader is and it stays that way. But they never fight over foolish things like, "Who will take the last blow? " which just compromises their evil plans. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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5 Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts need scepters and wands to fight

Actually, the Scouts do have abilities which don't require their weapons.

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6 The Winx Club have better outfits than the Sailor Soldiers

There are some controversies about Winx Club outfits, but I'll ignore that because Winx Club outfits are 1,000x better than Sailor Moon outfits. They have glitter, sparkles, vibrant colors, are elegant, and at the same time, don't get in the way when they fight. But Sailor Moon's outfit didn't change that much, and I wasn't excited to see it when she got new powers, unlike Winx Club…and the other Sailor's just got longer bows, lipstick, and nail polish, nothing else. I liked Princess Sailor Moon but I think the swirly things on her shoulders were just strange and unnecessary. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

More like the winx club have worse outfits than the senshi. Two reasons 1. Its not anime 2 even if its anime it will still look like crap. Winx club are just anime wannabes.

7 Sky has better powers than Tuxedo Mask

These two leading heroes are both great, but all Tuxedo Mask has are roses, a cane, hand-to-hand combat, and a somewhat indestructible cape. Prince Endymion is cool too, but all he has is a sword, armor, and the somewhat indestructible cape. But Sky is a king in the Magic Demension, has a cool retractable sword, has a hoverboard, can fly an airship, goes to a school for supernatural heroes, and he is friends with about 7 fairies along with other supernatural heroes. That's why I think Sky is better than Tuxedo Mask. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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8 Serena is hypocritical

Bloom is a hypocritical person which is a mary sue.

She always says she is the soldier of love and justice but she calls Rini "Twerp! " and she shows the opposite of love to her, and there are only a few times she really has loved her. By the way, she sometimes takes more than her share of thing and that really isn't "justice" as she claims to be. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That's true too and she I watch something that she hates really rini and that isn't really a soldier of love and justice

I think you should go see the original Japenese Sailor Moon and not the terrible dub, you might like it more. (I knew because you called Sailor Moon 'Serena' instead of Usagi, which is her name in the Japenese anime.)

9 Bloom's Dragon Flame is better than Sailor Moon's Moon Power

Actually sailor moon is better becuase Bloom's Dragon flame is lame

(Sorry if I didn't name Sailor Moon's powers right because I don't know the official name for it) Anyways, I think Dragon Flame is better. Who would want a magical scepter when instead you could have sparkly wings and a flaming dragon that just so happens to have created an entire demension and has imesurable power? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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10 Senshi are better than fairies V 3 Comments

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11 Winx Club has better transformations

Winx Club transformations are cool. I like how they can have different sceneries, shapes, colors, and styles. Sailor Moon's can be fun, but it gets kind of boring when she's just twirling around or one of her friends is surrounded by fire every single season and there are little to no changes in transformations. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That's true every single season of winx club has beautiful outfits,the sailor is cool too but the only change is her brooch,wand and the background of her post but as for me mine is winx club is absoulutely better than sailor moon

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12 Bloom is smarter than Serena

She may hate school, but there's still Luna, who forces her all the time to study.

I'm saying that bloom is always studying and smart at their school and while serena is always not studying and and she serena says "i hate studying" and they said that serena is the most clumsiness and stupidess in their school and while serena is dumb bloom is smart and always studying

13 Winx Club has shield and Sailor Scouts has no shield

Cause I saw everything and only the winx club has shield and the sailor scouts has not shield and I was thinking that the winx club is really better than sailor moon and I love to say this but WINX CLUB RULES! SAILOR MOON SUCKS!

Does Sailor Saturn's Silence Wall mean nothing to you?
Guys I mean, she can use it to guard the Sailor Senshi and secondly unlike from the Winx Club, theirs has some magical aura in it (I don't know many of their powers.) while Sailor Saturn's have some black lightning in it it's like every time your about to destroy the Sailor Senshi, she is always right there to use her Silence Glaive and release the Silence Wall by it's powers.
Sorry if I talk to much.

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14 Winx Club transformation is better

I mean that every new season of the winx club has new song, new outfits and new powers but the sailor scouts on the other hand has only new wands and new pose, new dance and new background and actually those sailors outfits is always the same looks and among of all I don't even see the new ones in the sailor scouts but the winx club in every new season (every new year) has always new and besides the winx club had even more super duper beautiful

15 Usagi Tsukino is smarter than Baka Bloom V 1 Comment
16 Fairies are better than sailors

I'm saying is that fairies is way better than sailors because if I'm a fairy if the attack from the enemy is gonna atack on me then I'll just fly somewhere so I will not able to shoot or attack me and if your a sailor what are you gonna do if the enemy attack you what are you gonna do and what if its too late right so I'm saying fairies are better and what if your gonna walk in to an lumpy bridge but if I'm a fary I could just fly to the another or across the bridge

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17 Bloom is more ready to attack than Sailor Moon

What I'm saying is that every time the enemy attack the bloom is ready to attack and defense because bloom don't need to summon a wand then pose just to fight the enemy but technically just shoots her power with the name on the spell very quickly in just 1 second but sailor moon always need to summon her wand or scepter every time she fight and every time she had to give a spell she always need to pose first then twirl around in 20 seconds and that's why she always late to attack and good for bloom, bloom's spells is always different sometimes like a diamond, fire, or dragon but sailor moon spells is always a moon heart and that's very corny every time I mean come on and instead like a blade or moon's power its just moon heart then that make sense bloom and the other winx club is more better than the sailor scouts

18 The Winx Club is much safer to transform than the Sailor Scouts

What I mean is that the winx don't need to have a wand or magical brooch to transform the winx automatically just yell "Magic Winx" with cross hands and its very safe to transform from enemies because the enemies will don't have the power to untransform the winx while sailor moon and the sailor scouts needs wands and brooch to transform and its very unsafe because what if the wands disappear and its on the enemies hand and what if sailor moon's brooch is gone what are they gonna do DOOMED see that's why fairies is better than sailor scouts

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