Top Ten Reasons Why Winx Club Should End After Season 8

Let's face it, this show has gone on for FAR too long. Winx Club fans and haters welcome.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Winx Club Should End After Season 8

1 Bloom is getting more and more annoying

No Bloom is the best powerful and flora is nothing compared to Bloom

Why couldn't Flora be the lead from the start? She's way more likable than that brat. - RoseWeasley

Yes! She is annoying and ugly. They should have flora in the lead.

Are you kidding? Bloom is just fine! I personally think that Flora should show up more, but fine.

2 Season 7 was the worst season

Yah I don't like that season and the villains are not powerful

Season 7 was great to me, but not you! The Winx got stronger and stronger! And the Trix got weaker and weaker! You might think season 7 was the worst season ever, The Winx got fairy animals, which is awesome! please respect my opinion on Winx Club season 7.

Right and they turned Stella into a stereotypical dumb blonde. That's not who she was in the start. I still love her in general though.

Yeah, season 7 was awful. And in baby Winx Roxy was an idiot. Putting the seals back in the wild after living in a sanctuary for god knows how many years basically turns them into polar bear food

3 They look like they are fifteen in season 8

I hate that. Instead of making them mature and all grown up and responsible, now they ar like back in elementary scholl. I honestly don't know who is worse, girls or guys..I get that a lot of years have past since season 1, and there are new artist and stuff, but seriously, why?
I think it would be for the best for them and us not to upload season 8 at all...

I'm not understanding why someone who has literally grown up with the show would like how they look in season 8...Like you've seen one design for all these years and you've gotten used to it, and all of a sudden they change it something that doesn't even make's weird..

It’s actually kind of traumatizing. Have you SEEN Sky? My childhood disapproves.

I think the look in Season 8 is acceptable. If anyone does not prefer the new look of Winx or Specialists, you can just get lost.

4 It has too many seasons

No, to be honest this series should've ended after the first movie because anything after that was bad and that's where the trilogy ends (anything else was forced), but I want a season that will fix the issues the new seasons (especially 7 and 5) did. - DaisyandRosalina

Some of the shows with many seasons aren't that bad, they also have good shows.

The show should've honestly ended on Season 4. - PerfectImpulseX

How many seasons has simpsons then?

5 The Winx (or only Bloom) will probably get some godlike transformation

I think they should look pretty godlike if all of them except bloom got it

I totally agree

6 The Trix shouldn't keep coming back

What is "The Trix" even supposed to be? Winx Clubs version of Team Rocket? - Gehenna

The trix are great but its just plain boring if they kept on coming back - princessMiAmore

Guys, spoiler alert they actually come back in S8... in their original outfits at least.

I hate icy on season5, it's the worrsst
She was all powerful and mean and now she is weak dumb powerless and the typical helpless snobby arrogant girlfriend of tritanus who just want to get attention, fake love, title and power.

7 The transformation sequences are becoming too short


because I feel like transformation sequences are fashion shows

winx club

I won’t disagree but I am a big fan of the show (been watching it since it came out)

Not really but in the latest 3 transformations, if you put all the scenes where they transform, they're slow, but fast. the scenes are very slow, but they usually cut them off. the lastest transformations are just fashion shows where they pose and magical accessories appear on them and they flaunt them off. that's it.

8 It’s losing its originality and creativity

When you have to turn your more mature looking characters into Bratz style characters and remove the voice actors to replace them with people who slightly sound alike but easily you can tell they are not the same person if your paying attention. Season 8 should be canceled!

9 There is no reason for the show to continue

This is true, everything after the first movie was unnecessary, sequels could've been good if they had effort like the first 3 seasons howevee they became more and more commercial instead.
I think the concept and transformations season 6 had should've been kept right after the first movie and then go with a better written season 4 (or 4 then 6 as long as they are well written).
Roxy and Daphne should be regular Winx members.
Bloom and Sky should've got married in season 4.
No 3D in the seasons, Mythix looks gorgeous in 2D.
Better movies.
No mermaid fairy concepts or animalists/naturalist themes (Season 7 and 5 were a mistake). - DaisyandRosalina

The show keeps going on probably because of merchandise!

S1: Bloom finds out she is a fairy, goes to school, gets laid with Skye
S2: Bloom fonds out she is a princess (or was that S1? Sorry long time since I last saw Winx Club)
S3: Bloom gets new powers
S4: Bloom gets new transformation
S5: Oh, Bloom's sister isn't dead, she just turned into a spirit despite previously stated she was dead. Also Bloom acts like a spoiled brat in this season and cries because her boyfriend wouldn't answer the phone
S6: Bloom's friend who was written at the last minute out of plot convenience turns ot to be a BAD GUYH and Bloom thinks that this is worth quitting fairying (I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either). She threw a similar tantrun back in S1 when she found out Skye was two timing her with Diaspro.
S7: HOW IS THIS SHOW NOT DEAD YET? - TwilightKitsune

10 The boys look like 5 in season 8

Worst character redesigns ever!

Urgh the boys look like they are 7 and aren’t don't look anywhere near as grown up as they should what’s the point anymore I was really looking forward to season 8 airing until I saw what the new show was going to look like I’m silently hoping that it’s all a scam and they are going to go back to normal

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11 The transformations are getting worse

First 3 seasons are great. I miss their 4kids show. Enchantix is the best transformation. I think Believix is decent, Magic Winx/Charmix is good, but the other transformations are worse than the older ones.

12 The fandom feels like they haven’t grown up with the Winx since they get “younger” every new season

The first 4 seasons they all look teenage to almost adult, but giving season 8 a glance and I was floored with how much changed. SERIOUSLY? What happened to the style of the first season!? What was wrong with it?! They look like... dolls of 5 years in age, not even a show I would consider watching! I've never watched cartoons like Bratz or whatever else has come out in the last 10 years. The art style has taken a nose dive since I was a kid and I grew up with art being something that people put effort into - making it work astheticly correct and beautifully drawn. Now it's all about doll-like characters and 3D animation, or live action in some cases (like Disney).

For me, art is just as important as the storyline and if one of the two, or both, is lacking, it isn't worth my time. I'd rather watch the shows I grew up with than watch the crap that's on T.V. now. The only reason why I would watch the new winx seasons is to see what happens with Musa and Riven... and believe me, ...more

13 If the eighth season is bad it could lower the reputation of the show

It already has a low reputation but S8 could bring it lower - TwilightKitsune

By the time the 8th season decides to air I'll be a great grandmother! worse is I'll probably drop dead from the bad storyline.

14 The quality has dropped

Personally season 1 was a blast for all viewers especially kids. Now that generation of kids have grown older and only watch Winx club because they would watch it when they were younger. It has become very childish and the specialists look like a complete joke in season 8. Their speech also gets more cringier by the seasons. Plus Bloom's story IS OVER! There's not really any point for continuing it. The transformations are really childish and cringey.

15 The cartoons look more and more doll like as they continue

True, I miss season 1-2 looks. After that the animation just kept getting more doll like and started to look awful. You can tell the start in changes in season 3 but it really doesn't get bad until season 5.

I feel like they only care about the characters na lang - princessMiAmore

16 They get weaker every season!

The only reason they win is because of plot armor

don't judge me if I'm wrong, I just forgot how the winx even won against the OP trix

The winx get new transformations. But they all r the worst. Of course for the first 3 seasons the winx grow in there powers and when they reach Enchantix they are true fairies with great power. But after that it’s all bull. They get weak and can't beat a new enemy easily like they should, there competition isn't strong at all, there fairy forms are just dumb and give them no power.
Personally I just like magic winx the most because that’s when the winx were figuring out who they are, their own weaknesses
And, strength. And they ended up all being super powerful in there own way. But in later season transformations just ruined that. It’s like teaching a kid, to be strong you have to fit the label, in winx word to help beat a underwater foe they had to fit the label and be sirenix fairies, to me it was unnecessary! In season 3 they did an underwater mission just fine! So no need for these transformations there just labels.

17 Eventually the creators will run out of ideas.

They ran out of ideas at S4. It's obvious because from S5 they have crap villains (the main villain of S5 is basically Captain Pollution of Captain Planet in fish form), retcon major plot points, bring back/remove major characters and make the characters act like stupid flanderized versions of themselves. Should have ended a long tine ago, but Nickelodeon can't bear to let theie cash cow franchise die. - TwilightKitsune

18 They are completely ignoring continuity and are dumbing down the characters and storylines to the point of unbearable garbage

I agree with you about the continuity they already graduated after season three and now in season eight they are back in school and are younger it is very irritating

I watched winx when I was a kid, my niece watches it now and she loves it but all I keep thinking about is how stupid the show is. (I mean it wasn't perfect in the beginning but at least it had a thought out arc (for the most part) and well built characters) Now, everything seems so pathetic and stupid, especially the characters and story and that just makes me sad

Agreed. I saw some season 8 clips on YouTube. Didn't think I watch it but they I eatched a Transformation ranking and the girl put Cosmic (S8) transformation at 2nd but the music really annoys me but then I saw a wiki article saying Season 8 bringing back fan-favourites transformation like Butterflix, Enchantix and Serinix, and they face their biggest threat yet. SO I WATCHED 5 ESPOSIDES - Really they so dumb NOW, EVERY ESPOSIDE ENDS IN A PARTY. Winx club died after season 5. I didn't even know they made a Season 6, because I watched it before PopGirl changed channels, then a couple of years ago my friend causally mentioned it and then I found they was a Season 6, Season 7, World of Winx, while I thought That be it as Bloom is clearly girl Harry Potter (but a fairy not a Harry Potter Witch who aren't all evil) so I thought she in School for 7 and then their a follow up of what happens next in the Winx Girls lives like an Eliposige of a book, so S8 is Just Plain pointless.
Of course ...more

19 Whitewashing Aisha

Not to mention that if they want people to watch it how the hell can they do that when they made Aisha, the only black character on the winx team that's a recurring character whitewashed?! If anything that has made fans angry including me who have been a fan of Aisha (formerly Layla what is up with the name change anyway? )

Not only does Aisha look extremely white-washed, Flora has lost her color as well and looks as white as the rest of the girls. Stella and Bloom also used to have tans that have now disappeared...

20 Fan favorites are either being removed, or getting worse to be "appropriate to younger children"

Why they removes such a honorable characters like Roxy, Daphne or Mirta? Also I won't forgive producers that they wasted Valtor, Knut, even some transformations.

God! All of the good characters, for example, Riven, Daphne, and Kiko, are just being shown less and less, it sucks! Anyway, in the season 8 trailer, Valtor hasn't aged a bit, yet our 23-year-old young adults have turned into 6-year-olds. I'm done! This show is R U I N E D! ! ! - HibbaBunny

21 Way too inappropriate

I say that it is true. I was thinking that at first they were prostitutes. I was like (bleh) *pukes*. The only transformation that was appropriate was bloomix and onyrix like seriously

I mean, really, their bellies are practically ALWAYS showing! And their skirts are always SO short! I mean, REALLY! Could they please wear something decent for once!

22 They changed the art style in Season 8
23 The main characters were Mary Sues

Even worse than Bella Swan, Ana Steele, the Bratz girls and Barbie.

I completely agree with you

24 The creators will start to run out of ideas

I think it should keep going. Some of the transformation outfits were too long at the back or had too many layers that made it look like a cake. I can see a repetitive pattern but I think it should continue throughout generations. Hopefully at some point they get married and have kids and the series could continue and split up for different age groups e.g. adult winx and another version with their kids growing up too. They could have a combined version for some episodes were all the fairies need to be involved too. It constantly reminds audience the importance of good characteristics e.g. never giving up, believing in yourself etc that helps kids and adults. - aan

25 Although they are getting new powers every half a season, the strength of the powers do not get better

I find that so annoying. Like they had butterflix (one if the worst ones and they also even dance to it) but needed tynix still. It looks like new transformations are so pointless because attacking villains just gets harder for them. They do not seem stronger

26 Too childish

Unlike some shows that actually put effort into their shows, some shows appeal to everyone. Nothing makes sense anymore. I'm pretty sure the only fans left are the little girls. - princessMiAmore

After season 4 the story were more to littel children

27 They don’t even have real conversations anymore, it’s just random comments and group laughter in response
28 The show ignores any character that's not one of the winx unless they're relevant to the episode
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