Top Ten Reasons Why Winx Club Should End After Season 8

Let's face it, this show has gone on for FAR too long. Winx Club fans and haters welcome.
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1 Bloom is getting more and more annoying

I have to agree with this one. The show had literally only focused and not enough on the other girls. It's Bloom this, Bloom that, Bloom bla bla bla! She's honestly getting really bratty and annoying and the fact that she cries over the stupidest things. For example, she cried over her boyfriend not answering the phone but seriously? Your boyfriend's not gonna answer the phone every time because he's maybe busy or something. And honestly, Flora should've been the leader from the start because she's way more likable than Bloom. Or Stella because she's the one who started the WHOLE DAMN thing! But in my opinion, she wouldn't be a very good leader so it should've been Flora.

Bloom is getting more self-centered with every season! Has anyone else realised that there's always a pattern with Bloom stealing the diverse people's spotlights, and she never steals Stella's or Tecna's?
In Season 5, Tritannus was Aisha's cousin and trying to destroy her family and her planet. If anyone should have gotten the chance to destroy Tritannus on their own, or fight him alongside Nereus, it should have been Aisha! Instead, the writers decided to have him capture her, and give Bloom more attention that she doesn't deserve or need! Besides, it would have made more sense for Icy to mention to Tritannus that he should capture Bloom and use her Sirenix Powers AND Dragon Flame to charge up the Emperor's Throne, especially since Bloom is the one Winx she hates the most! But no... they decided to have her suggest to him to capture Aisha, and make Bloom the classic Mary Sue once again!
Another example: The Winx Club Band. Musa is the Fairy of Music, and yet they chose for ...more

She was always annoying, but S5 brings out the worst in her. And she thinks it's okay to call her adopted parents (aka the people who took her in when she was a helpless young baby when they didn't have to, and they could have dropped her at the Hyakuya orphanage) by their first names because she found her biological ones and threw her adoptive parents away like a chunk of gum. What a great role model for kids.


Bloom is annoying from second season onwards.. its time to focus on some other winx girl.. Bloom got wayyy more attention till now and frankly speaking there is nothing more to show about her.. Her problems are sorted wayy back in first movie... Sky- Bloom romance is also little overwhelming these days... Seriously where are the other guys?

2 They look like they are fifteen in season 8

I hate that. Instead of making them mature and all grown up and responsible, now they ar like back in elementary scholl. I honestly don't know who is worse, girls or guys..I get that a lot of years have past since season 1, and there are new artist and stuff, but seriously, why?
I think it would be for the best for them and us not to upload season 8 at all...

Soooo trueee! Not just that, THEY ALSO LOOK LIKE THE SAME. Especially they specialists, what have you done to them? They looked so good, handsome, and manly when the season started. Why did you give them a glow down just because you wanted to target a younger demographic? Are you doing this because you love making it or because you want to earn money? I hope the creators realize why they are making the show or just stop it already.

I'm not understanding why someone who has literally grown up with the show would like how they look in season 8...Like you've seen one design for all these years and you've gotten used to it, and all of a sudden they change it something that doesn't even make's weird..

You don't make 7 season of a show, build a backstory and then change your target demographic. This intern most like will cause them to lose a large part of their audience.

3 Season 7 was the worst season

Season 7 was great to me, but not you! The Winx got stronger and stronger! And the Trix got weaker and weaker! You might think season 7 was the worst season ever, The Winx got fairy animals, which is awesome! please respect my opinion on Winx Club season 7.

Yeah, season 7 was awful. And in baby Winx Roxy was an idiot. Putting the seals back in the wild after living in a sanctuary for god knows how many years basically turns them into polar bear food

Right and they turned Stella into a stereotypical dumb blonde. That's not who she was in the start. I still love her in general though.

I really liked season 7 because they got new fairy animals and new Butterflix and Tynix transformations.

4 It’s losing its originality and creativity

EXACTLY. The animation in Season 8 just looks like way too much like Regal Academy's animation. Seasons 1-5 were great but Season 6 is when the show started to go downhill. It becomes more bland and the Winx just get more powerful and easily defeat the villains by the end of the season. The Winx should know by now that they're obviously gonna win a battle between them and a villain because they just keep getting more powerful!

Seasons 1-3 made the show very enjoyable and have a wide age range from kids to probably moreso, teens. After season 3, they started dumbing it down little by little until it seemed like a dumb kids show and the characters started losing their personalities. They also changed the art style a little bit in season 4 and gave it less of an Italian anime look. They made Bloom way too overrated and a bit more annoying, causing the fandom to hate her. Season 7 was absolutely horrific. They completely got rid of the fantastic Italian art style and replaced it with a different look which would've worked if it were a completely different show, but in the circumstances ruined Winx further. I hated the new voices for the Winx, besides Tecna's. They made Bloom completely different and annoying. They made Stella dumber and the others were worse too. Tishara was a weird villain and the fairy animals idea was rubbish. Was that the best they could do? Also, Bloom used to be simple minded in the ...more

When you have to turn your more mature looking characters into Bratz style characters and remove the voice actors to replace them with people who slightly sound alike but easily you can tell they are not the same person if your paying attention. Season 8 should be canceled!

Tbh I enjoyed season 1-3 the most, but I wanted to see the new seasons so I continued watching all the seasons and I was really disappointed in them, season 4 was okay but the others really disappointed me, so I gave up halfway into season 7 cause it was way too boring, and now I found out that season 8 came out and I'm not even gonna bother with that cause I don't like the new artstyle they all look like dolls, but that's just my opinion ig, if you like it, you do you.

5 The boys look like 5 in season 8

Nah, they look more like their 8 but still their designs look laughably atrocious. I liked their designs in Seasons 1-3 because that's when they looked like actual teenage boys and they looked kinda hunky but Season 8 just honestly made them look like FRICKING 8 YEAR OLDS!

Taking Sky as an example, he looked like a hunky, manly prince that he was in the first season, nice long hair, toned body in his suit and that jawline really made him look the age he was, but then he went and had his haircut and I wasn't really into it, but his character overall didn't change much, but season 8? It's disgusting how he looks for the worse, he looks like he hasn't even reached puberty yet, despite looking like he partied through the entirety of his college years in season 1.

YEAH OMG! like there shorter than the girls. The animated look of them makes them PALE! And I used to LOVE watching winx but the've kinda spoilted it now :(. and its getting more and more boring

This, of course, is truly infuriating because it looks like everyone has aged backwards, and, it was a sudden change. There was absolutely no point in changing the looks in season 8 when all the looks from season 1-7 were the same.

6 The Trix shouldn't keep coming back

True but they're the main villains of Winx Club but they aren't very good villains because they're literally just spoiled brats and almost always lose to the Winx Club. I mean like, if you're trying to defeat the Winx Club. It better be soon Trix because it's been like 200 FREAKING EPISODES, and you ain't even been CLOSE!

They went from being simple, yet very effectively-written villains that were psychopathic, murderous (I'm honestly not exaggerating, just because something's not outright stated doesn't mean it's not there) and terrifying with the way they concealed the threat they posed to the whole world by acting like just regular high school bullies, to being souless, evil husks that act like mean teenage girls that never realize how badly they're messing up. In short, they were actually pretty effective, passable-or-better villains but became more and more incompetent and laughable as time went on
Basically every returning character from the first seasons are like this though

It would be nice to have new villains because us viewers are continuously deceived, thinking that the Trix are defeated, only for them to return. Additionally, if you insist on letting the Trix return, at least give the audience a valid explanation on HOW they returned or escaped. For example, how did the Trix suddenly return in season 7 when they were 'trapped forever' in the Legendarium in season 6?

I hate icy on season5, it's the worrsst
She was all powerful and mean and now she is weak dumb powerless and the typical helpless snobby arrogant girlfriend of tritanus who just want to get attention, fake love, title and power.

7 It has too many seasons

Please explain how many seasons South Park, The Simpsons, and Sesame Street have. Even though they have been running for far too long, just like Winx Club.

On a separate note, though. The show LoliRock I think would be much enjoyed by Winx fans. The first season is rather formulaic but after the second I am BEGGING for a third season. LoliRock died too young while Winx is becoming pitiful as it drags on.

A show can be good for as many seasons at it wants as long as the good writers are creative and don't get replaced with bad writers.
It doesn't turn bad unless idiots take over good writers.
That's what happened with SpongeBob, when Stephen Hillenburg originally retired after 2004, Zeus Cervas and Alexander Reed and other idiots ruined the show because they're bad uncreative writers who can't write good.
After Stephen Hillenburg returned after the 2nd movie, the show got better.
This shows you that if a good writer who has been creative and skilled for ages keeps on making good shows, the show stays good, and if he retires and is replaced by a poor writer, then the show goes downhill.
Which is what also happened with Winx Club, idiots took over and even some of the good writers weren't very skilled to begin with.

Like I've said since the beginning they should reboot the entire show, reconstruct the universe and characters and tighten up the story. Winx Club was always a good show but it can always improve. Don't make new characters but use the ones you have and start from scratch and then after a while you can age them more.

8 The Winx (or only Bloom) will probably get some godlike transformation

I think all of the Winx Club fairies will get a godlike transformations because the Winx Club fairies have such beautiful transformations.

I think they should look pretty godlike if all of them except bloom got it

I totally agree

9 There is no reason for the show to continue

Too long but still please read. I believe this way too! Same subplots are happening all the time and their is nothing new again. Even the winx members itself realize it, as Stella mentioned in season 4 after hearing of the black gift (Nickelodeon version) "Just the usual stuff."

Here are some reasons I have:
Sky and Bloom are getting engaged again and again yet they aren't even getting married. Daphne and Thoren even got married first, so why can't they hold a wedding for Sky and Bloom?

Icy has another sister and Darcy and Stormy aren't her real sisters? But in the first season, it was clearly stated there that they descended from the Ancestral Witches who destroyed Domino.

They are getting immature and trying to make them look weaker, except Bloom. I love Bloom so much but they've already achieved so much. Being afraid and anxious to battle an enemy is okay, but I feel like they make them look weaker just so you can make them feel the need for another ...more

This is true, everything after the first movie was unnecessary, sequels could've been good if they had effort like the first 3 seasons howevee they became more and more commercial instead.
I think the concept and transformations season 6 had should've been kept right after the first movie and then go with a better written season 4 (or 4 then 6 as long as they are well written).
Roxy and Daphne should be regular Winx members.
Bloom and Sky should've got married in season 4.
No 3D in the seasons, Mythix looks gorgeous in 2D.
Better movies.
No mermaid fairy concepts or animalists/naturalist themes (Season 7 and 5 were a mistake).

S1: Bloom finds out she is a fairy, goes to school, gets laid with Skye
S2: Bloom fonds out she is a princess (or was that S1? Sorry long time since I last saw Winx Club)
S3: Bloom gets new powers
S4: Bloom gets new transformation
S5: Oh, Bloom's sister isn't dead, she just turned into a spirit despite previously stated she was dead. Also Bloom acts like a spoiled brat in this season and cries because her boyfriend wouldn't answer the phone
S6: Bloom's friend who was written at the last minute out of plot convenience turns ot to be a BAD GUYH and Bloom thinks that this is worth quitting fairying (I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either). She threw a similar tantrun back in S1 when she found out Skye was two timing her with Diaspro.

Season 1: Bloom finds out that she's a fairy and a princess and meets Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna.
Season 2: Bloom meets Aisha/Layla.the Winx Club fairies get new pixies. but she also turns into a dark fairy but her friends turn her back into the sweet Bloom we know and love.
Season 3: The Winx Club fairies get new Enchantix powers.
Season 4: The Winx Club fairies have to deal with the wizards of the Black Circle
Season 5: The Winx Club fairies get new selkies. also, Bloom's sister, Daphne, isn't dead, she just got kidnapped by the Trix and Tritannus.
Season 6: The Winx Club fairies have to turn Bloom's old friend, Selina, good and they have to close the Legendarium.
Season 7: The Winx Club fairies get new fairy animals.
Season 8: HOW IS THIS SHOW NOT DEAD YET! I love Winx Club so much I'm just wondering why it has this many seasons.

10 The fandom feels like they haven’t grown up with the Winx since they get “younger” every new season

I stopped feeling as if I grew up with them during season 7. I'm 16 already and in two years I'll be 18. Time is so fast and I'm sad that winx club, an animated series that I love so much, grew up to, and watched so many times got ruined just because they wanted to focus on another show (Club 57 and the Netflix Live Adaptation), changed the artstyle, and stopped putting effort to the plot just so that it would be simpler and could fit a younger demographic. I'm just really sad that I grew up with this and they've destroyed it.

The first 4 seasons they all look teenage to almost adult, but giving season 8 a glance and I was floored with how much changed. SERIOUSLY? What happened to the style of the first season!? What was wrong with it?! They look like... dolls of 5 years in age, not even a show I would consider watching! I've never watched cartoons like Bratz or whatever else has come out in the last 10 years. The art style has taken a nose dive since I was a kid and I grew up with art being something that people put effort into - making it work astheticly correct and beautifully drawn. Now it's all about doll-like characters and 3D animation, or live action in some cases (like Disney).

For me, art is just as important as the storyline and if one of the two, or both, is lacking, it isn't worth my time. I'd rather watch the shows I grew up with than watch the crap that's on T.V. now. The only reason why I would watch the new winx seasons is to see what happens with Musa and Riven... and believe me, ...more

This is true because the new art style in season 8 makes the characters look significantly younger.

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11 The transformation sequences are becoming too short

Not really but in the latest 3 transformations, if you put all the scenes where they transform, they're slow, but fast. the scenes are very slow, but they usually cut them off. the lastest transformations are just fashion shows where they pose and magical accessories appear on them and they flaunt them off. that's it.

I won't disagree but I am a big fan of the show (been watching it since it came out)

12 The quality has dropped

I love Winx Club the most. Best show. But I agree that how much charm we used to get earlier is not there in the later seasons. Season 6, 7 & 8 was just the worst. If the producer do want to continue the show... Please bring back the originality and the quality of the show.

So true! I loved the plot all in all. As a child, I was really into the story and loved how Bloom was able to finally get some answers about her past. I love how the winx was able to become more mature as the seasons progressed and seeing it really makes me happy.

Season 1 was nice and I can see their impulsiveness and how they argue over simple things BUT I GET IT BECAUSE THEY WERE YOUNG.
Season 2 was great because you can see their friendship getting stronger and their relationship with their boyfriends are growing more.
There are many more but I'm too lazy to type them down already. But season 5 and the newer ones, quality really dropped. I can still watch season 5 and 6 because they don't seem as if they were kids unlike season 7 and 8z

Personally season 1 was a blast for all viewers especially kids. Now that generation of kids have grown older and only watch Winx club because they would watch it when they were younger. It has become very childish and the specialists look like a complete joke in season 8. Their speech also gets more cringier by the seasons. Plus Bloom's story IS OVER! There's not really any point for continuing it. The transformations are really childish and cringey.

13 The cartoons look more and more doll like as they continue

I really love the old artstyle in season 1 until season 4. You can see some lines that are not perfectly drawn (there are some that are thicker than the others) but there is just something about it that I love. There are some scenes where the anatomy isn't right too in the first four seasons. When season 5 came, I noticed that they improved but it still resembles the Artstyle. Their eyes got bigger. I don't really mind the changes in hair but I hate how they were whitewashing Flora and Aisha. Overall, I could take season 5 and 6. Season 8 is a different topic because I just can't watch it anymore. I want to because I love winx club so much but the new artstyle is really stopping me.

They used to resemble teenagers. But by season 4, they start acting cheesier and more made for kids each season after (including season 4). Also, the Wizards of the Black Circle were soooooo OP that it doesn't make sense how the winx beat them!

True, I miss season 1-2 looks. After that the animation just kept getting more doll like and started to look awful. You can tell the start in changes in season 3 but it really doesn't get bad until season 5.

14 The transformations are getting worse

First 3 seasons are great. I miss their 4kids show. Enchantix is the best transformation. I think Believix is decent, Magic Winx/Charmix is good, but the other transformations are worse than the older ones.

The Winx are losing their uniqueness and personalities.

15 If the eighth season is bad it could lower the reputation of the show

The eighth season does not give the Winx Club series the credit it deserves. instead, season 8 proves to be underwhelming and quite a disappointment.

By the time the 8th season decides to air I'll be a great grandmother! worse is I'll probably drop dead from the bad storyline.

16 They changed the art style in Season 8

As a viewer of the previous Winx Club season 1-7, I strongly believe that the new art style in season 8 disrupts the flow of Winx Club in general and ruins the overall storyline - mainly because the original characters (who looked older), look so much younger in season 8 and does not give credit to their growth.

17 Whitewashing Aisha

This is just utterly disgusting. Not only did they whitewash Flora also but in fate they replaced her with some person named Terra. Aisha and Flora should've just kept their beautiful dark skin colors. Whatever happened to Aisha's beautiful black skin and whatever happened to Flora's beautiful tan skin? I can't believe Iginio Straffi did this to Aisha and Flora, my two favorite Winx Club fairies. Also, in S1 Ep12, there's literally a racist scene but 4Kids saved it from being complete racist trash. I usually don't really like the 4kids dub but thank you!

Not to mention that if they want people to watch it how the hell can they do that when they made Aisha, the only black character on the winx team that's a recurring character whitewashed?! If anything that has made fans angry including me who have been a fan of Aisha (formerly Layla what is up with the name change anyway? )

Aisha looks just as white as the other girls! And I feel like Rainbow is making fun of black people. It's hurts me because I'm black in real life. and what happened to Flora's beautiful tan? I loved Flora's tan in the earlier seasons. Flora also looks just as white as the other girls.

Not only does Aisha look extremely white-washed, Flora has lost her color as well and looks as white as the rest of the girls. Stella and Bloom also used to have tans that have now disappeared...

18 They get weaker every season!

The winx get new transformations. But they all r the worst. Of course for the first 3 seasons the winx grow in there powers and when they reach Enchantix they are true fairies with great power. But after that it's all bull. They get weak and can't beat a new enemy easily like they should, there competition isn't strong at all, there fairy forms are just dumb and give them no power.
Personally I just like magic winx the most because that's when the winx were figuring out who they are, their own weaknesses
And, strength. And they ended up all being super powerful in there own way. But in later season transformations just ruined that. It's like teaching a kid, to be strong you have to fit the label, in winx word to help beat a underwater foe they had to fit the label and be sirenix fairies, to me it was unnecessary! In season 3 they did an underwater mission just fine! So no need for these transformations there just labels.

I think that the Winx Club fairies get stronger and stronger while the Trix get weaker and weaker! I'm a huge fan of Winx Club even though I'm 11 years old.

I feel like, to an extent, this is true because the Winx struggle to fight certain obstacles that they had no problem fighting in the previous seasons.

I think the Winx Club fairies get stronger, stronger, and stronger every season! And Trix get weaker, weaker, and weaker!

19 They are completely ignoring continuity and are dumbing down the characters and storylines to the point of unbearable garbage

I watched winx when I was a kid, my niece watches it now and she loves it but all I keep thinking about is how stupid the show is. (I mean it wasn't perfect in the beginning but at least it had a thought out arc (for the most part) and well built characters) Now, everything seems so pathetic and stupid, especially the characters and story and that just makes me sad

20 Fan favorites are either being removed, or getting worse to be "appropriate to younger children"

There is no point in trying to 'appropriate to younger children' if the previous seasons were already very successfully at appealing to younger children AND older children. Why would you exchange a different art style in season 8 just to be met with a smaller target audience which would lead to less views?

Why they removes such a honorable characters like Roxy, Daphne or Mirta? Also I won't forgive producers that they wasted Valtor, Knut, even some transformations.

Yeah that is true

21 They don’t even have real conversations anymore, it’s just random comments and group laughter in response
22 Eventually the creators will run out of ideas.

They ran out of ideas at S4. It's obvious because from S5 they have crap villains (the main villain of S5 is basically Captain Pollution of Captain Planet in fish form), retcon major plot points, bring back/remove major characters and make the characters act like stupid flanderized versions of themselves. Should have ended a long tine ago, but Nickelodeon can't bear to let theie cash cow franchise die.

Feels like they already have.

Some creators might and some creators might not you never know

23 Too childish

Unlike some shows that actually put effort into their shows, some shows appeal to everyone. Nothing makes sense anymore. I'm pretty sure the only fans left are the little girls.

24 The creators will start to run out of ideas

I think it should keep going. Some of the transformation outfits were too long at the back or had too many layers that made it look like a cake. I can see a repetitive pattern but I think it should continue throughout generations. Hopefully at some point they get married and have kids and the series could continue and split up for different age groups e.g. adult winx and another version with their kids growing up too. They could have a combined version for some episodes were all the fairies need to be involved too. It constantly reminds audience the importance of good characteristics e.g. never giving up, believing in yourself etc that helps kids and adults.

25 Although they are getting new powers every half a season, the strength of the powers do not get better

I find that so annoying. Like they had butterflix (one if the worst ones and they also even dance to it) but needed tynix still. It looks like new transformations are so pointless because attacking villains just gets harder for them. They do not seem stronger

There needs to be a clearer indication that the Winx have become stronger with each new transformation.

The powers don't matter.

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