Top Ten Reasons Why Winx Club Should End After Season 8

Let's face it, this show has gone on for FAR too long. Winx Club fans and haters welcome.

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1 It has too many seasons

No, to be honest this series should've ended after the first movie because anything after that was bad and that's where the trilogy ends (anything else was forced), but I want a season that will fix the issues the new seasons (especially 7 and 5) did. - DaisyandRosalina

Some of the shows with many seasons aren't that bad, they also have good shows.

True... maybe start secod generation - BloomFire

Like I’ve said since the beginning they should reboot the entire show, reconstruct the universe and characters and tighten up the story. Winx Club was always a good show but it can always improve. Don’t make new characters but use the ones you have and start from scratch and then after a while you can age them more.

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2 Bloom is getting more and more annoying

Hell no - BloomFire

She was always annoying, but S5 brings out the worst in her. And she thinks it's okay to call her adopted parents (aka the people who took her in when she was a helpless young baby when they didn't have to, and they could have dropped her at the Hyakuya orphanage) by their first names because she found her biological ones and threw her adoptive parents away like a chunk of gum. What a great role model for kids.

I repeat. HYAKUYA ORPHANAGE. - TwilightKitsune

3 The transformation sequences are becoming too short


because I feel like transformation sequences are fashion shows

4 Season 7 was the worst season

Right and they turned Stella into a stereotypical dumb blonde. That's not who she was in the start. I still love her in general though.

5 The Trix shouldn't keep coming back

What is "The Trix" even supposed to be? Winx Clubs version of Team Rocket? - Gehenna

Yea and it is not coming back at season 8 - BloomFire

6 The Winx (or only Bloom) will probably get some godlike transformation
7 There is no reason for the show to continue

This is true, everything after the first movie was unnecessary, sequels could've been good if they had effort like the first 3 seasons howevee they became more and more commercial instead.
I think the concept and transformations season 6 had should've been kept right after the first movie and then go with a better written season 4 (or 4 then 6 as long as they are well written).
Roxy and Daphne should be regular Winx members.
Bloom and Sky should've got married in season 4.
No 3D in the seasons, Mythix looks gorgeous in 2D.
Better movies.
No mermaid fairy concepts or animalists/naturalist themes (Season 7 and 5 were a mistake). - DaisyandRosalina

S1: Bloom finds out she is a fairy, goes to school, gets laid with Skye
S2: Bloom fonds out she is a princess (or was that S1? Sorry long time since I last saw Winx Club)
S3: Bloom gets new powers
S4: Bloom gets new transformation
S5: Oh, Bloom's sister isn't dead, she just turned into a spirit despite previously stated she was dead. Also Bloom acts like a spoiled brat in this season and cries because her boyfriend wouldn't answer the phone
S6: Bloom's friend who was written at the last minute out of plot convenience turns ot to be a BAD GUYH and Bloom thinks that this is worth quitting fairying (I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either). She threw a similar tantrun back in S1 when she found out Skye was two timing her with Diaspro.
S7: HOW IS THIS SHOW NOT DEAD YET? - TwilightKitsune

8 The transformations are getting worse

First 3 seasons are great. I miss their 4kids show. Enchantix is the best transformation. I think Believix is decent, Magic Winx/Charmix is good, but the other transformations are worse than the older ones.

9 The main characters were Mary Sues

Even worse than Bella Swan, Ana Steele, the Bratz girls and Barbie.

10 If the eighth season is bad it could lower the reputation of the show

It already has a low reputation but S8 could bring it lower - TwilightKitsune

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11 Eventually the creators will run out of ideas.

They ran out of ideas at S4. It's obvious because from S5 they have crap villains (the main villain of S5 is basically Captain Pollution of Captain Planet in fish form), retcon major plot points, bring back/remove major characters and make the characters act like stupid flanderized versions of themselves. Should have ended a long tine ago, but Nickelodeon can't bear to let theie cash cow franchise die. - TwilightKitsune

12 The creators will start to run out of ideas
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