Top Ten Reasons Why the Word ''Poser'' Should be Stopped Used So Much in the Metal Community

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Word ''Poser'' Should be Stopped Used So Much in the Metal Community

1 You can be called a poser for everything

Once I've seen someone getting called a poser on YouTube just because she was a woman. - Alkadikce

What does poser even mean? - Userguy44

I got called a poser for liking Queen as well as metal. Many metalheads also listen to rock. - WheresMyGuitarPick

2 It makes others feel bad for their musical preferences

Just because someone likes BVB, Asking Alexandria, or Linkin Park doesn't mean that they're poser. You can hate BVB all you want, but you can't deny that Jake Pitts and Jinxx are great guitarists (I'll agree that Andy's voice is mediocre and doesn't do that well, but that doesn't mean he's terrible).

Now as for the poser argument, liking a band like BVB or AA does not automatically make you a poser. What does make you a poser is if you listen to such band and only that band, and then claim that you're a metalhead. In fact, being a poser can also mean worshipping the devil just for shock elements (looking at those CC and Mayhem "fans" who only blast their music to scare people). - yungstirjoey666

3 It's the most elitist word you can say.

As much as I hate the e-word as well, this is true - yungstirjoey666

How do you please an elitist?
Me: I like Epica and Nightwish as well as Cannibal Corpse and Devourment

Someone define true metal? - WheresMyGuitarPick

4 It gives the whole metal community a bad name

Emos are not the only ones "ruining" metal. What about those Metallica vs Megadeth fanwars? Arguments over subgenres? There is more to that. - yungstirjoey666

5 You win nothing by calling someone a poser
6 When a band is called a poser band by many it makes you avoid their music when you maybe can enjoy it.

You are not limited to thrash or death metal. You can listen to nu, metalcore, or glam if you want. - yungstirjoey666

I don't care if something is "real" metal or not, if I like it, I will listen to it. - Alkadikce

7 It separates the community
8 You can confuse a beginner metalhead

Most beginner metalheads start with the basic bands, such as Metallica, Slipknot, A7X, etc.
You really think someone would start enjoying metal if you shove Cannibal Corpse or Mayhem to their face? Some metalheads don't even eventually end up enjoying the extreme bands. - yungstirjoey666

9 Makes you look very close-minded
10 It's overused

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11 There's no such thing as a poser band

Linkin Park, Asking Alexandria, and Evanescence don't really try to be metal that much. It's mostly their fans that state that, and it's their problem. - yungstirjoey666

12 Posers never "ruined" metal in the first place

At worst, poser metalheads are cringy. But they did not ruin metal by any means, especially since it's still staying stronger than ever. Let's face it, "true" metal would never reach to mainstream because it never was meant to in the first place. Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica are sole exceptions, and even then they had to sound slightly easier to appeal to the audience (not saying that their sellout work was bad, I still enjoyed them). - yungstirjoey666

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