Top 10 Reasons Why Worldstar Has Gone Downhill

There was a time when Worldstar was known for posting fights. But since 2018, I've noticed how Worldstar's Instagram page is going downhill, and these are the reasons why. By the way, on my old Instagram account, Worldstar blocked me because it was Unfollow Worldstar Day and I was hyping it up.

The Top Ten

1 No more fights

Because they too chicken to post them. - jameshoward

2 They always post thots

There has never been a day without Worldstar posting thots. Might as well rename themselves Thotstar. - jameshoward

3 Unfunny videos

Like the thots epidemic, every day, Worldstar posts a video that's supposed to be funny, but it isn't. - jameshoward

4 FashionNova ads

They constantly post sponsored ads from FashionNova. They're usually just videos showing models wearing clothes from FashionNova with some trap song in the background. Other times, they'll have unfunny and cringy skits. - jameshoward

5 They won't listen to their followers

Go into the comment section of any post on Worldstar, and it's full of people begging Worldstar to post fights. And still, we get no fights. Recently, Worldstar has been making fun of the comments on their posts. - jameshoward

6 They sponsor scams

In the past, they've posted ads for fake AirPods or a fake Apple Watch. - jameshoward

7 Lame memes
8 Disgusting videos
9 They worship Cardi B

If Cardi B posts something on social media, chances are Worldstar is gonna repost it.
Also, since Cardi B is collaborating with FashionNova, she sometimes appears in the ads. At one point, every FashionNova ad had Cardi B's song "She Bad" in it. That's because at the end of her second verse, she goes "I'm his favorite type of chick, boujee, bad, and thick, I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit." It got to the point where it became annoying and repetitive. - jameshoward

10 They keep posting wack rappers
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