Top Ten Reasons Why the Worst Religions Is a Bad List


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1 It's Offensive

I'm Muslim with a lovely girlfriend and I feel sorry for anyone who is Muslim and lives in America because there's this definitely disgusting Youtuber by the name of Adam Saleh. For those who are especially Muslim, I've come to warn you of the hideous dangers of Adam Saleh, he has been terrorising and making Muslims look like nothing but filthy beasts. All because of the social experiments that are too controversial for television, the artificial and fictional news he caused, when Adam and his somewhat idiotic friend got told off the leave the Delta plane for speaking his native language, he doesn't ignore hate comments on social media and creates tiny problems into serious ones, and his horrifying racism against Americans and white people. And he lied about Muslim hate, according to some Youtubers and news articles.

Isn't there any way to get that list removed or something? It's just too offensive. - ToukaKirishima

Whoever made that list should jump into the ocean and get eaten by sharks and have loads of people standing with pitchforks throwing knives at him or her.

Oh boo hoo. Somebody hurt your feelings? It's the internet, there's bound to be offensive things about anything, get over it you crybabies.

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2 Makes Religion Wars

Religion is a very controversial thing and too broad of a topic to talk about. I myself personally feel uncomfortable talking about religion. - Pony

Oh please. We've had one huge one going on for years and it's starting to get old! How did that list ever get approved? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

3 It's Dumb

All religious people are stupid. They have grown up but still believe in fairy tales.

4 All Religions Should Be Treated Equal

Welcome to the real world, discrimination exists. All the time. - AnonymousChick

Yes it does. No matter what there will be discrimination against pretty much anything. - RiverClanRocks

Couldn't agree more. They need to be treated well - EpicJake

I have a Muslim friend who had someone try to throw a rock at his head. Horrible. - swrs1234

This is the most accurate item on this list. - cosmo

Oh, we wish. - isaaonrtdmtr

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5 Satanists Are Agreeing With It

I don't really know about that. They probably hate it as much as other people do. Also, I think Satanism is on that list.

6 People Have Been Making Stupid Comments About It

I don't want to be THAT guy but there are 7 reasons here, I am also making a stupid comment on something that talks about stupid comments

7 Racism Towards Muslims

This is too narrow. Although I do agree it is racist against Muslims, it's every race that is pretty much offended. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

It is filled with lies, such as "in Muslim religion you have to have Arabic as your first language".

Seriously what is wrong with all of you. Just because of the acts of a few u blame every follower of the religion. And you call yourselfs human being.

It's not racism it's realism. If Muslims don't stop what they're doing, we're going to blast their pedophile asses straight to hell - bobbythebrony

Calm down man - the terrorists aren't true Muslims and shouldn't be considered as Muslims. - VonKaiser

8 They are Accusing People
9 It's Biased
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