Top 10 Reasons Why Wreck-It Ralph Is Better Than Frozen

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Wreck-It Ralph Doesn't Have Princesses Singing Annoying Songs

That's because it wasn't a musical.

Thank God! We sure didn't need Sarah Silverman singing ANYTHING!

Too bad Ralph Breaks the Idiot-net broke the rule with A Place Called Slaughter Race! That song was garbage! As in, on par with Despacito Gucci Gang, Sicko Mode and Sweatshirt! Not to mention the second movie was just a garbage movie in general! Easily Disney's worst CG movie since Chicken Little more than a decade ago!

Frozen's songs ARE NOT annoying. Let It Go is one of my all time favorite Disney songs, along with others like Part of Your World, Circle of Life, Love Is a Song, Bella Notte, and my all time favorite, Once Upon a Time in New York City.

Wreck-It Ralph Is The Most Inspiring Movie Ever

It is more inspiring than Frozen - PrincipeAzul

In before someone says "no you idiot Zootopia is the most inspiring movie ever". And when they do, I still think Wreck-It Ralph is indeed the most inspiring movie ever and I'm not an idiot.

I'm Not Sure Forrest Gump Is More Inspiring But Wreck It Ralph Still Is - VideoGamefan5

Much more inspiring...and a much better moral,wreck it Ralph's moral:Don't try to change who you are,be yourself,and here frozens moral:run away from problems - Nateawesomeness

HEY! Why do you think that Frozen's moral is "Run away from problems"? Till date I can't even understand why do you guys underestimate Frozen. Very bad, you guys! VERY BAD! - Victoryboy

Olaf Is Not Funny

Olaf Is funny and he's one of the sparse reasons why I even like Frozen a little bit, but I still prefer Wreck-It Ralph lots of more than Frozen.

Olaf, go die in a hole.

Olaf Is Funny And Unfunn - VideoGamefan5

Olaf is just a stupid snowman that acts like a teletubie(warm hugs,teletubie confirmed,oh and no I don't like teletubies) - Nateawesomeness

Wreck-it Ralph was more original

Yeah I have to agree on that it's a much better
Movie and stays more focused on the story than anything alse don't get me wrong I like frozen wreck it ralph is just more funny relatable and more emotional than frozen also it's the best disney movie behind the lion king in my opinion

Princess Anna Is Dumb

And "Wreck-it Ralph" was a cast of Einsteins? Again, fail to see how this is a comparison at all.

I'm so irritated when she's the "true" heroine by the fan than Elsa who's better than Anna.

Princess Anna is NOT DUMB! You guys are! See, don't be MAD at me, but Frozen is very nice! I'm FED UP with this "Frozen hating" thing! Please stop HATING FROZEN! Darn please! - Victoryboy

Well, this girl is either stupid and fairytale crazy and obsessed.

Wreck-It Ralph Is About Video Games

Frozen isn't a bad movie, in all but, Wreck It Ralph is 10 times better! This is pretty much the main reason why I went to see this too. - MostTalented_BoyX

This was the reason I went to see the movie. - nintendofan126

Too bad the sequel's going to be about the Internet. Come on, how last decade can you get?

That is a totally awesome reason - PrincipeAzul

No incest subtext

Which is actually a problem both "Frozen" and "Big Hero 6" share.

Wreck-it-Ralph has an interesting plot

Who says Frozen wasn't interesting?

It does, honestly. It's one of the main reasons why I like it. - Minecraftcrazy530

I don't say Frozen wasn't interesting (so much for that "everyone" comment), but Wreck-it Ralph was a little more interesting.

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Is More Colorful

Though this has more to do with the setting and the nature of the story than anything. An arcade full of video games ranging from the '80s to today is always going to be more colorful than a snowy landscape.

Wreck It Ralph is a reason to love video games even more! - AaronCoolness

Don't forget pixels, that's also a good video game movie

Collurz,frozen is only blue white pink and brown - Nateawesomeness

The Duke Of Weselton Is The Worst Disney Character Ever

Duke is a Zootopia character not a Frozen character.

Wait what? Duke isn't even in frozen!

Sorry People, He is such a WEIRDOOO! - PrincipeAzul

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Frozen Is So Boring

What version of Planes did that Disney-hating, "awesomeness" abusing commenter watch? That movie really is boring and so are the other ones listed. If nothing else, Frozen was less boring than Planes, Atlantis, and Treasure Planet, but Wreck-It was more fun than any of them.

If you want REAL boring Disney movies, watch Planes, Treasure Planet, or Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Those are the most boring Disney movies.

The hero of the story wasn't perfect

He also wasn't an idiot unlike the "hero" of a certain other movie everyone on this site worships (and is not "Frozen" since that one is one that everyone on this site- not just the creator of this list- hates)

Felix wasn't either. They presented him as this perfect, kind character- who was also awkward under pressure, no good in a fight, very naive, and prone to out and being a bit too polite for normal circumstances.

I'm sure we all get tired of the standards these princesses create for us. Anna (the real hero not Elsa) was perfect, just the right balence of sweet, innocent, and loving. Wreck it Ralph wasn't and as a fan of both I appreciate that more.

Nobody saved the day in frozen,or wreck it Ralph,but Ralph's rescue was better then Anna's recovery,Anna's recovery:drama by Elsa. Ralph's rescue:epic car jump by vanelope

Queen Elsa And Princess Anna Are Ugly

Elsa should've grown up elsewhere in the ice palace, whereas, Anna should've grown up elsewhere wherever she lives a carefree home-lifestyle after one traumatic childhood accident.

Um, how is this a comparison to "Wreck-It Ralph"? Was that movie full of beauties straight off the pages of Maxim or Cosmo or something?

This just proves haters are biased when they compare Anna and/or Elsa to the Beast in the live remake of Beauty and the Beast. Hating on a movie would cause you to pointing flaws that are not accurate to a movie you do not like.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are both pretty and beautiful in their own different ways, not ugly. Neither of those two sisters of Arendelle are ugly.

Anna and Elsa Are Overrated

Actually Mulan is the most overrated female Disney character, but of course nobody's allowed to say that.

Tiana is more overrated when it comes to Disney princesses.

Screw Suzerain for defending negative opinions on Mulan (even though in the sequel, she was definitely out of character), Big Hero 6 characters, Zootopia characters and Wreck-it Ralph characters as if it's only edgy and evil to praise these movies over Frozen and other Disney movies that are actually WORSE like Hannah Montana: The Movie and the Inspector Gadget films. So if only the ToptTopTens administrators enabled the dislike button so we could downvote her cyberbullying comments.

Just Because The Movie Itself Was Overrated Doesn't Make Any Of The Characters In That Movie Overrated.

Its Climax
Better Villain

Have you noticed that Hans is a Knock Off Turbo?
1. Both secret villains
2. Both look good at first.
3. Both are so lame when trying to defeat their foes.
4. Both try to look like Heroes

Which one,an giant overpowered parasitic hacker,or an old man,that's what I thought

When Can I See You Again is better than Let It Go

Also, Nothing Can Stop Me Now from Planes is a better 2013 Disney song than Let It Go.

Immortals from Big Hero 6 is way better than Let It Go.

And Try Everything from Zootopia is a better girl Disney song than Let It Go.

Take THAT, Jambareeqi haters! It is heavily nauseating that AniMat was put down for giving Wreck-it Ralph his Seal of Approval instead of the film's that were lower than Frankenweenie on his list of 5 worst major animated films of 2012 like Hotel Transylvania and The Lorax. In fact, thank God AniMat outgrew his defense towards Illumination Entertainment. U mad to hear all that, Frozen defenders like the horrible dictator Thiti2000?!

Vanellope von Schweetz is so cute
Better Songs

Wreck-It Ralph was not a musical.

When can I see you again vs. Let it Go - AaronCoolness

I agree with Disney,but still,I hate the songs frozen has

Crossover Characters

I actually consider this a point AGAINST "Wreck-It Ralph". People won't shut up about how their favorite game character didn't appear or wasn't in the movie enough and complain about the movie's actual plot because they went in expecting nothing but a big crossover.

And to make it worse, Frozen is going to be in Wreck it Ralph 2. - Drawbox

No Mary was best doki I ship her with gene

People like video games,ok,but not completly because wreck it Ralph was out,mostly because video games are great to play,and if anything people keep talking about frozen

Much Better Graphics

These movies were made by the same people! The animation style does NOT look different.

Actually, it does, if you read some of the above comments.

King Candy/Turbo is a better villain than Hans

Um, isn't "better villain" already on the list?

I can go on and on about Hans being a rip-off of Turbo, but to make it short, Hans just tried to trick Anna First and THEN rule the kingdom. Turbo did the opposite and tried to kill Vannelope first, but when he found out that deleting the code only made her a glitch and didn't kill her, he then locked up the racer's and citizen's memories and keep her out of racing.

With their memories of Vannelope deleted, Turbo disguised himself as king Candy and was free to take over.
His reign lasted for 15 years while Hans didn't have the chance to take over.

Plus, Turbo went from taking over Sugar Rush to TAKING OVER THE ARCADE!

Wreck-It Ralph Doesn't Brainwash Little Kids

If any Disney movie is brainwashing anybody, it's Zootopia.

Neither does "Frozen". The only movie that brainwashes little kids and unfortunately several adults is "The Lego Movie".

If There's A Disney Movie Brainwashing People It's Finding Dory - VideoGamefan5

It's about video games.
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