Top Ten Reasons Why Wyoming Is the Worst State


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1 The People There Are Mostly Cowboys

If you ever stay in Wyoming, you might actually see a bunch of cowboys, that's creepy. - Jackthetoptenguy5

I'm starting to think that Wyoming is kinda fun. I've been there in June of this year. - EpicJake

This is actually a hunk of bull. - benhos

2 It's Just Boring Plains and Not Much There

It's true, all there is are plains that are yellow, not much to do there, and it's very very dry there. - Jackthetoptenguy5

3 Very Small Cities

Cheyenne has a population of 60,000 and it is the capital and largest city in the state, while other cities are just tiny villages. - Jackthetoptenguy5

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4 Bad Weather

Usually you could get lots of tornadoes, twisters, and hail storms in Wyoming, and there could also be areas where it is hard to breathe. - Jackthetoptenguy5

Kansas has more cyclones (just like the book in the Wizard of Oz) than Wyoming.

5 It Has Bad Roads
6 It Has Weird People

The sirs of Wyoming are uglier than than the ghost but madams are the most beautiful. It is best to find and marry a beautiful women!

7 It Is the Least Populated State

And that makes it bad? No offense, but I'm starting to think that you've run out of ideas. - EpicJake

8 It Didn't Have Many Celebrities Born There
9 It Doesn't Have Many Parks

It does not has many parks because the U.S. government has decided that there will be only beautiful natural things!

10 Men Are Very Ugly

Too much ugly men!

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11 No One is Friendly
12 All You See While On the Road Is Cattle and Elk
13 Wyoming is a Square

I bet that Wyoming is terrible by all of your commenting people

Squares are fun! You can easly measure the size of Wyoming!

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