Top Ten Reasons Why Xbox One Is Better Than Xbox 360

The Top Ten

1 Better Graphics

LOL I JUST GOT XBOX 1 S TODAY, comparing to my friends 360, It's A CRAP TON BETTER

2 Better Online Connection

Way better online connection and that's why is more expensive! - Danteem

3 Better Games

It have better versions of the games that were on both systems! - Danteem

4 Better Sound

Better graphics means better sound! Nintendo gets better graphics but they don't change the sound from GameCube to Wii to Wii U! They haven't changed the sound since 2001! - Danteem

5 Less Limited Games

Soon 360 stop having games after 2015 at least in my opinion! - Danteem

6 Less Glitches

Ha ha funny

7 More Powerful

One It's way more powerful than 360! - Danteem

8 Better Netflix
9 Better Backwards Compatibility

Xbox 360 have backwards compatibility with old Xbox games! Xbox One will soon get the backwards compatibility with 360 games! - Danteem

10 Better Controller Design

The Design is almost the same thing as 360 but it looks a little bit better! - Danteem

The Contenders

11 Faster Loading

When I updated something It was way quicker

12 No Red Ring of Death
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