Top 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One Is the Best Console

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The person below is just a hater lol. Halo is by far the best FPS game ever. It is the only reason why I pick Xbox over PS.

It's Not Only a Gaming Console

Yeah ''it's not a gaming console'', It's a nicer VCR player! T.V.! T.V.! T.V.! - htoutlaws2012


It's at 350 dollars right now - jimster123

Feels the most quality
Best controller by far

That always watches you when you sleep

Xbox Share
You Can Stay In Touch With Your Friends

When I play fornite I can play and talk to my friends


They have the interview already - jimster123

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Best live service
Snap an App
Play and Charge Kit
It Has an Upgrade for Windows 10
Backward Compatibility
Less Complex
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