Top 10 Reasons Why Yinharou Society is the Best Organization

The Top Ten

1 The Members are Friendly

Every member in the organization are friendly. They all take this Organization really seriously and have lots of fun.And the members will complete there task no matter what - Blear

2 The Organization Takes Things Seriously

This Organization is great once you join you are concider a Golden S rank member. It's starts that high because this Organization doesn't exsept low Rankers and it's hard to get in you have to write a 200-500 word essay of what you will do for the organization
And why you want to join then Blear and Jerk4life have to approve of it. Only 5 members are selected every 4 months - Blear

3 The Organization is Very Organized

Just look at Blear is profile page read and his Wikas there are really strict policy and rules and every Yinharou society members all follow the rules and Blear and jerk4life
give special tasks. - Blear

4 The Organization is Really Fun
5 There is a Wikia About the Organization

Boring and lame, we should join a Shrek club instead - TwilightKitsune

6 You Can Gain Levels
7 You Can Earn and Gain Special Position
8 It's a Fun Organization that Keeps This Site Safe and Protected
9 There is an Achievement Wikia
10 You Can Get Undercover Task

This is special rank job where members hide there Identity that there are a part of the organization and get intail on a bully, perve or etc then report to the leaders and the leader call in the regular members - Blear

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