Reasons Why Yo Gabba Gabba is Better Than the Thundermans


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1 Yo Gabba Gabba Has Been Around Longer

Yo gabba gabba has been here since 2007 thundermans has been here since 2013
yo gabba gabba = 8 years Ended in 2015
The thundermans = 4 years Ending in 2017 - epictoonsfan1

2 Yo Gabba Gabba is Educational

They teach kindness and socail skills thundermans encourages lying cheating stealing disobeying paents or authority figures and being rude and mean is okay - epictoonsfan1

3 Yo Gabba Gabba Has Better Plots
4 Yo Gabba Gabba Dose Not Have Asian Stereotypes
5 Munno, Foofoo, Brobie, Plex, and Toodee are Nice to Each Other and Don't Take Advantage of Each Other

Butt Jokes, Fart Jokes, Pee Jokes, Poop Jokes, Vomit Jokes, and Snot Jokes, that's all Thundermans consists of, Yo Gabba Gabba has none of that stuff. - maddiefretzthegirl

6 The Songs in Yo Gabba Gabba are Better Than the Thundermans Songs
7 More People Like Yo Gabba Gabba and Hate Thundermans Than People Who Like Thundermans
8 Yo Gabba Gabba is Original

Thundermans is a rip off of the incredibles - epictoonsfan1

9 Thundermans is Overrated While Yo Gabba Gabba is Underrated

The opposite actually. - henry_danger_is_great

10 Yo Gabba Gabba Helps Kids Get Ready for School

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11 Yo Gabba Gabba is for Preschoolers
12 DJ Lance Doesn't Treat His Monsters Badly

Whereas the Thundermans great each other like dirt

13 Yo Gabba Gabba is Not Racist

This Is a stupid reason but I think thundermans is racist to asian people you know with mrs wong - epictoonsfan1

14 Thundermans Has Toilet Humor While Yo Gabba Gabba Doesn't

Thundermans has it all poop pee fart booger burp you name it yo gabba gabba doesn't - epictoonsfan1

15 Yo Gabba Gabba Has Toilet Jokes
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