Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Need a Break from Socializing

This needs to be made. Many people just like to be alone sometimes. It's called introversion.

I have Asperger's, why on Earth am I making this?

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1 You're an introvert

It's our default setting. Many of us introverts don't like being the center of attention, instead preferring to keep to ourselves or people close to us. However, we even need a break from the latter every now and then. - Cyri

Yeah I would consider myself one. Even after hanging out with some of my closer friends I will need awhile to “recharge” - Randomator

2 People are becoming overly hostile

Yeah, people can become super sensitive over different things. People argue and it's always "he said, she said" something something. No wonder why the world became so divided and confused. What happened?

You know how some people just know when people are thinking a certain way? I'm like that. Yet I got in trouble for preventing something early by hurting someone when he was about to hurt me. - Cyri

It happens a lot, especially in middle school, where people apparently cannot control themselves. - Cyri

I’m at that point - Camaro6

3 You feel like you're being judged

Just being next to someone makes me feel as though I'm being judged - SirSheep

More often than not, it isn't just a feeling. Now, I'm an INFJ with people-reading talents (I can read people. They just struggle with me), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't trust your intuition. - Cyri

I kind of find it ironic how I'm a big introvert IRL, but on here I am rather extroverted - darthvadern

Yup - Camaro6

4 Everything you talk about is ignored

It just gets annoying after a while. I know I'm weird for not talking about Fortnite 24/7, but give other things a shot, guys. Let me talk about art, literature, or the mind! They're interesting! - Cyri

This is true for me. - Camaro6

5 You don't like/can't tolerate noise

I fall into the latter category. Often, social environments get very loud and chaotic, and putting in earbuds isn't an option. That's when I take a break. - Cyri

6 People make you the butt of the joke

It happens every now and then. That's when you get out before it escalates, as I learned painfully. Teenagers really like combining socializing and "bumping" into me. - Cyri

7 You're grounded

You'd definitely be taking a break from socializing then. Your parents would enforce it too... - Cyri

8 When small things begin to annoy you

Trust me, this is a telltale sign. To me, this is a warning sign stating in bold letters, "You're about to give. Go take a break." - Cyri

9 You don't feel like your best self

This can be big. When you feel like you're not acting right, just take a moment to yourself and calm yourself. - Cyri

10 You're bored with the conversation

It happens. Make a logically-placed exit if you get bored to death with the social situation you're dealing with. - Cyri

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11 You hurt people
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