Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Death Growls

This list isn't just for death growls, but for other types of unclean singing like grunts, black metal shrieks, and similar vocal styles.

A lot of people get turned off by growls in death metal which I can understand why but I have a list of reasons here as to why you should appreciate them. Maybe think of these reasons as an easy way to get more into death metal. Reasons that could help you out.

Also, I'm not trying to force anyone to like them. Everyone has a right to like what vocal style they want. To each their own.

With that said, feel free to add more reasons and comments as to why you should appreciate growling in death metal.

The Top Ten

1 They Actually Take a Lot of Talent to Sing

Yep. If you tried to do the EXACT SAME death growls as Abominable Putridity's vocalist, you might need surgery on your larynx. - Metalhead1997

2 Not All of Them Are Meant to Sound Angry

A lot of people think all death growls are angry sounding but that's not really true. Sometimes growling doesn't really have to be angry. Like for example, studies show that most dogs often growl when happy (they call it the play growl). I know this may sound like a pretty silly example but I have my reasons as to why most growls aren't angry sounding.

3 Death Growling Isn't the First Vocal Style to Be Used as an Instrument

For example, most people can't understand what opera singers are saying. I'm pretty sure opera vocals are used as an instrument as well (if not then correct me if I'm wrong please).

4 They're Cool to Listen To

Most of them do sound pretty impressive. Like something you'd hear out of a monster or a demon (I bet they could even inspire a movie sound designer).

Not really.

5 Even Non-Metal Bands Used Growling in at Least One of Their Songs

Trivium may be a metal band, but in the special edition of Shogun, the song "Upon the Shores" has Matt Heafy using deep death growls before the chorus and during the bridge. Its grown on me overtime. - CrimsonShark

Boris the Spider. Probably the first growling in popular music.
Growling isn't anything new. Ancient vikings used to growl while singing.So I don't think after 1300 years it appeared suddenly again. - zxm

Bands like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, The Clash, and Black Sabbath have used low-pitched, distorted vocals in a few of their songs.

And here's an interesting piece of trivia. The Who's Boris the Spider features death growls sung in basso profondo by bassist John Entwistle. This is considered one of the first uses of death growling in popular music.

6 They're Low and Deep

If clean high pitched vocals are not your thing then maybe you could appreciate death growls because of how low some of them are.

7 Most of Them Are Soft

Alissa White-Gluz's growls are softer than most other growls I've heard.

NO Death Growls are anything but soft.

8 Most Death Growlers Don't Yell or Scream

For example, Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth doesn't scream his growls unlike Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom.

9 Sometimes Clean Vocals Can't Be Understood Either

I had to come back to this. I was listening to A Fine Day to Die by Bathory (not death metal but whatever) and in the beginning there was clean singing but I couldn't understand it at all. I don't really know what type of singing it was but it goes to show you that clean vocals can also be used as instruments.

I was listening to Eternal Nightmare by Vio-Lence and I couldn't understand a dang word the singer was saying. He was talking so fast and goofy that I couldn't get what he was saying. So even this happens in clean singing.

10 They're Mostly Used as an Instrument

Death growls are mostly used as a vocal instrument instead of using clean vocals. The human voice can be used as an instrument when you think about it.

The Contenders

11 They Don't Cause Any Harm to Your Throat

Unless if you use too much pressure on your throat which will cause vocal cord problems/defects (vocalists like Oli Sykes and Danny Worsnop tend to do this a lot).

Well, not if used correctly. Training yourself how to properly death growl only lessens the side effects. - Metalhead1997

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