Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Metal Music

The Top Ten

It is hard to learn to sing like that

People think that they just scream, but it's hard to do a metal scream. - Userguy44

It's artistic
It takes real talent to learn how to play it

I agree with this list. - Userguy44

What is "real talent", you pretentious snob? And no, I'm not being rude for the sake of it, I'm being honest.

It's full of energy
There tends to be a lot of passion in this genre
It's full of real musicians
it sounds amazing live
All the instruments play together in harmony
It has meaningful lyrics
It's misunderstood

The Contenders

It's very diverse
It helps a lot of people
It is easy to take inspiration from it
It has lots of nice guitar solos

The number 1 reason why I listen to metal. - Userguy44

Many famous people are influenced by metal bands
It has great guitar riffs
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