Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be a Member In Animal Jam

I am not a member myself. I just want to see other's opinions.

The Top Ten

1 Changing the Color of Items

The game was cool when I was 11, I lost interest in stuff like this. - Lucretia

They made a new update. Now non members can do that also - Oliveleaf

Nm can no that

2 Cooler Clothing

No offense to people who like this game but I think play wild is better because you don't need a membership everything's free except sapphires and they only cost one dollar to twenty dollars

I have over 10 rare items no joke - mayamanga

I have way cooler firearms then members and I am nm

I am a nm and I look cool I think I am lbelle0527

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3 Cooler Den Items
4 Better Animals

Like the slooth

5 Design around Name
6 More Buddies

Mms and members have the same amount of buddy's

7 Better Parties

Costs diamonds to host them right - Lucretia

8 Get Diamonds more Often

I have 41and I am an

I have more diamonds than my two member friends and I am a nm

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