Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be a Member In Animal Jam

I am not a member myself. I just want to see other's opinions.

The Top Ten

Changing the Color of Items

They made a new update. Now non members can do that also - Oliveleaf

Nm can no that

Cooler Clothing

No offense to people who like this game but I think play wild is better because you don't need a membership everything's free except sapphires and they only cost one dollar to twenty dollars

I have way cooler firearms then members and I am nm

I am a nm and I look cool I think I am lbelle0527

No offense to any non members (sorry if I offend) but members have cooler items, I mean, the coolest look nm clothing item is either the jamaaliday scarves or the necklace (which is the rarest item in AJ) members have spikes, the ribbon bows, elf bracelets, fox hats, (I'm a big cat roleplayer), and lots of other cool things.

Cooler Den Items
Better Animals

Ex: Arctic Wolves, Snow Leopards, Etc... - ArcticWolf

Like the slooth

Design around Name
More Buddies

Mms and members have the same amount of buddy's

Better Parties
Get Diamonds more Often

I have 41and I am an

I have more diamonds than my two member friends and I am a nm

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