Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Tactful When Criticizing Religion

This is more of a list of advice for any atheists or agnostics out there. I'm an atheist and I'll admit I started off pretty douchey when I first joined, so I decided to make a list of reasons why tact should be important if you're gonna criticize a religion.

I'm just saying that if you are going to point out a religion's flaws then you should use as much tact as possible. You also shouldn't come off as an elitist because that's honestly very douchey.

I also wanna state that this list is not meant to offend religious people either. But you can't deny the fact that your religions do have some flaws and we non-religious people just wanna point them out (we're only trying to help you. You're free to believe what you want but know that most of us are in no way persecuting you. We just don't approve of the fallacies that some of you often use. Not all of you, just some).

The Top Ten

1 So that you don't come off as a douchebag
2 You might believe that you only live once so you may as well be as respectful as possible
3 So that you don't start any fights or arguments
4 So that you don't encourage the stereotype that non-religious people are rude jerks
5 So that you don't come off as an elitist
6 So that you don't come off as ignorant
7 So that you may be able to have people understand their religions' flaws better
8 So that you don't force your beliefs onto others
9 So that people won't accuse you of being a satanist

Satanism is a religion and ok I'm not a Satanist but they are not evil, do not worship Satan.

And why would that be a problem?

Awww but I want people to think this - judo8alex

10 Because you know that people have different opinions

The Contenders

11 Because everyone is different
12 Because not everyone is a terrorist.

They don't all agree with 9/11, 7/7, Paris Bombing, Manchester Bombing.

13 Because North Korea have been brainwashed to believe Kim Jong Un is their God on earth.
14 Because Pastafarians don't believe in the monster literally.

If they did they must be rather childish.

15 Because Day of Judgement isn't coming
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