Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Do Your Homework


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1 You won't have to worry about it


I better do my Homework now or I'll worry. - PatrickStar3

2 Your mom will lecture you if you don't do it

No, my mom will complain to the teachers why they give loads of inhuman homework.

I'm Asian, so I would be DISOWNED BY BOTH PARENTS!

3 You will have more free time

It depends on the grade you're in and/or classes. For example, kindergarten and elementary hardly have homework while middle school and high school have TONS of homework.

In colleges some classes have no homework, some have very little homework, and others have lots of homework.

How do you get free time if homework is time-consuming?

4 You won't have to get punished by doing it

If we can brave all the consequences together for a cause, we can even get homework abolished!

5 You might get a scholarship

It's the grade that gives you that. Do everything else excellently, and leave your homeworks behind, and you still have a good chance of gaining scholarship.

6 It is a time consumer

I thought this is y u should do hw not y u shouldn't?

That's why you shouldn't do it! There are more important things to do like studying about things that matter more than your stupid homework!

7 It helps your brain

No. Its bad for your health. It causes a lot of stress.

It's torture for the brain.

No, it has destroyd my brain! I have bad thoughts and stress everyday becase of homework!
I almost had a heart attack and a brain hemorrhage once, only because I freaked out and outraged because of this stupid s#1t known as homework!

For our sake dear teachers, we only want you to ban homework! Do you want to kill us kids, teachers? For God's sake, you arrogant old freaks, give us less homework! Just because you're the teachers doesn't mean you can do anything you WANT!

Yes, you're our teachers, but YOU'RE NOT OUR LEADERS AFTER ALL!

Us, kids, have rights too! We want less homework and more fun! We're kids, NOT BUSSINESSMEN!

Agh, teachers... Is it so hard for you to understand? What part of "We can't know everything" don't you understand?

Roberto Nevilis, you'll pay dearly for this disgrace!

Just thank God Christmas Holidays have come. Merry Christmas!

8 So your teacher doesn't yell at you

Let the teacher yell at me and break his/her voice. That won't stop me.

9 You won't have to do it during lunch

True, I have clubs so the last thing I need is homework weighing me down...

10 You will understand new concepts better

My learning style is TOTALLY against the school system.

That's your choice. It depends on your learning style.

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11 You can apply for a good school with good grades.
12 You can destroy it

Uh what? - Userguy44

13 You can get a good education

€I’m sooo Smart Right Now”

14 You can feed it to the dog
15 You can teach yourself the curriculum if the teacher is bad at teaching
16 So you can have a life
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