Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Jump in a Radioactive Sea

Since you are so suicidal I will give you this so you have a reason

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Jump in a Radioactive Sea

1 The Sea is Relaxing

And Radioactive or Melting too - CerealGuy

2 So Grumpy Cat Have A Nice Day Watching You in The News Dying

Grumpy Cat:This is so funny! - CerealGuy

3 To Show to The World How Daring You Are
4 Since Your Parent Doesn't Want You Jump On It
5 To Show How Cool You Are in Facebook or Twitter

And an idiot too - CerealGuy

Hey guys! In honor of getting 5k followers, I'm jumping into a radioactive sea! Bye guys!

6 The Sea is Not Radioactive or Melting

The link on my advertisement for in YouTube - CerealGuy

7 Because Lord Shrek Told You to Do It

He killed 51 Million Kids in the world bigger than Hitler - CerealGuy

8 You Will Never Drown
9 The Sea is Not Home of Radioactive Sharks
10 There is No Radioactive Germs in the Sea

The Contenders

11 You will grow a leg on your forehead
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