Reasons Why You Should Like Blood On the Dance Floor


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1 They make real music

They totally make real music when they use autotune and write meaningless songs. Bands like this are what give the term emo a bad name.

You mean fake music? - AlphaQ

You mean annoying music.-TheCoolGuy1


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2 They write good lyrics

Listen to Linkin Park, they make way better lyrics than these mockery of music - TheDarkOne_221b

No they have gross and messed up lyrics or cringy lyrics.Rise and Shine has good lyrics but that's their only good song.-LitSavage

Nope. Not close.
A band with actually GOOD lyrics is Crush 40.
Listen to a band with good singers for once.

Sso true!

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3 They are talented

Yep, just like there are 30 days in February. - LillyMunster

I usually accept other people's music tastes cause music's subjective, but I draw the line if you like/love BOTDF. BOTDF is the worst "band" ever and you're still probably in your scene phase, if you still listen to them. So grow up and at least get a decent taste in music.


4 The singer is the best singer I've ever heard

You must be deaf

Dahvie Vanity rockks! '

Koff koff more like worst koff koff.

*coughing noises*
*toilet noises
Dahvie Vanity singing. Fvvk

5 They wrote "it's on like donkey kong"

Shouldn't this list be called "Why you shouldn't like Blood on the Dance Floor? "

O-o-on like donkeyy kong!

6 They released the album Epic

...which is far from being epic.

Epic? More like epic fail-LitSavage

Best album evah!

7 They wrote "Sexting"

My favortie song,!

8 They wrote "scream for my ice cream"


9 They have great album covers

Because they are so hawt!

10 They aren't weird like all the other artists out there

Yeah, and Justin Beiber isn't weird.
Major sarcasm.

They are the BSET!

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11 Dahvie Vanity's real name is Jesus

How does that make him good? It just makes him someone who shouldn't even exist! Jesus is too blessed of a name for a jerk like him. It's a disrespect to the actual Jesus, someone who loves all of us equally. - TheDarkOne_221b

It really is. Look it up.

12 They are hot

Correction: they are ugly - TheDarkOne_221b

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