Reasons Why You Should Like Blood On the Dance Floor


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1 They make real music

They totally make real music when they use autotune and write meaningless songs. Bands like this are what give the term emo a bad name.

You mean fake music? - AlphaQ

You mean annoying music.-TheCoolGuy1


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2 They write good lyrics

No they have gross and messed up lyrics or cringy lyrics.Rise and Shine has good lyrics but that's their only good song.-LitSavage

Nope. Not close.
A band with actually GOOD lyrics is Crush 40.
Listen to a band with good singers for once.

"I wanna f*** you hard
I wanna fill you deep
I wanna rock your body
I wanna taste you sweet"

Yeah, great lyrics /sarcasm - Elina

Sso true!

3 The singer is the best singer I've ever heard

You must be deaf

Dahvie Vanity rockks! '

Koff koff more like worst koff koff.

*coughing noises*
*toilet noises
Dahvie Vanity singing. Fvvk

4 They are talented

Yep, just like there are 30 days in February. - LillyMunster


5 They released the album Epic

...which is far from being epic.

Epic? More like epic fail-LitSavage

Best album evah!

6 They have great album covers

Because they are so hawt!

7 They wrote "it's on like donkey kong"

Shouldn't this list be called "Why you shouldn't like Blood on the Dance Floor? "

O-o-on like donkeyy kong!

8 They wrote "Sexting"

My favortie song,!

9 They are hot
10 They wrote "scream for my ice cream"


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11 They aren't weird like all the other artists out there

Yeah, and Justin Beiber isn't weird.
Major sarcasm.

They are the BSET!

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