Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Kids

Your spouse should always be put before your kids for many reasons. I'm not saying hate your kids, I'm saying you need to love your spouse more. Here's why...

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1 Your kids will be gone soon but your spouse will be with you for life

What are you doing to your kids, getting rid of them? Even when they go to college or get a job, they will still be important in your life. You are responsible for them till they are 18. - Lucretia

This list is selfish and wrong. Every parent should love their children more than their spouse. Especially with the divorce rate so high.

What is this list? - JakePlaid

This list is good and makes good points - TopographicButthole

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2 Your kids need to know how marriage works

This list reminds me of someone who has a job as an unmarried Marriage Guidance Counsellor. - Britgirl

They are going to hate you and not try to be like you if you favor your spouse over them - Lucretia

Yes it does - TopographicButthole

3 It will help everything in your life go better

Your kids hating you will help you? - Lucretia

4 Your kids may become spoiled and selfish if put before your spouse

This is true. My neighbor has 2 kids and they are spoiled as hell because of how he and his wife fight - TopographicButthole

But if you put your house over them then they will hate you... spoiled kids or kids that hate you, what do you want - Lucretia

How do you "put before your spouse"? - JakePlaid

5 It creates a feeling of romance in the family
6 It prevents marriage problems such as fighting

Not really. - JakePlaid

7 It reduces the chance of a divorce
8 It will make your kids behave better
9 It will make your life happier
10 It can lead to a more balanced family

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11 It's a biblical principle

So is incest and treating women like slaves... - Lucretia

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