Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt to Catch TheTopTens User Mewtwo_

Reasons why you should not catch me and not even attempt to catch me.

The Top Ten

1 It will waste time

It will waste time no matter what. Even if you do happen to catch me - Mewtwo_

*brings out Red s Mega Charizard X* - P-51IsDaBest

2 They are more Pokemon out there
3 You might die trying

What if someone mistakens Freiza as pokemon? That would be even worse. But still I could die trying to capture you - P-51IsDaBest

4 You will need a lot of poke balls

*takes out Master Ball and Incineroar* I'm sorry, you were saying?

You can throw pokeballs at me but I will probably whap it right back into your face.

5 I am too powerful

To powerful to contain - Mewtwo_

6 I am level 100/70

You better have a experienced group - Mewtwo_

7 You will put me in a PC and never use me
8 You might make me faint

If you do supposedly win you might not even catch me - Mewtwo_

9 I have the move recover

Recover is a move were I regenerate. For Sind who don't know - Mewtwo_

10 Your party is too weak
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