Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Animal Crossing New Leaf

I say New Leaf because as I am making this list, is the Animal Crossing game that is the most current and the only one that still has internet active. Some reasons can apply to the older games.

The Top Ten

1 It's a major stress reliever
2 The world/town is very immersive

I love games that are immersive. What better way to take your mind off your problems than to escape into another 'world.'

3 You control what you want to do each day

There's no set out goals which is refreshing from all the JRPGs I play. - Aerosind

4 Not every Animal Crossing experience is the same

If you want to restart your town, your new town experience will not be the same as what you receive each day is completely randomized. What your town layout looks like, the town fruit you get, what Isabelle gives you, what you see in the stores each day, different villagers, etc. - Ruee

5 There is a lot of customization that you can do a lot with such as making your characters, houses, town, etc

I'm someone who likes games that are very customization and if you are, then you may find interest in what to do in ACNL. You can get creative with your town and base it off your aesthetics or whatever you please. A lot of people use QR codes for paths, etc so you aren't stuck making your own. And there's no shame of using others' QR codes either. - Ruee

6 The music changes each hour and is very calming
7 There will be villagers you will grow attached to
8 You can visit other towns without another person once you unlock it
9 The game has occasional events and holidays just like the real world.
10 There's no shame playing the game as an adult

People dismiss the idea of playing Animal Crossing while in your late teens/adulthood because it seems more directed to kids. But let me tell you that there are a lot of adults playing Animal Crossing, similar to how a lot of adults play Pokemon. - Ruee

The Contenders

11 Isabelle is precious

I agree. She is very precious.

12 Tolerable Puns
13 It's incredibly easy to make money and there will always a way to do so
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