Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness

These two games are listed together as they are very related in many ways. They may be expensive now, but if you can get the games, they are worth playing.

The Top Ten

1 It's a nice introduction to a different story formula while keeping the main game battle mechanics

It's pretty much 99% double battles but it still does follow the double battle mechanics that would see in the gen 3 main series games. - Ruee

2 There is a different reason to catch all the available pokemon than just "gotta catch them all"

You are stealing Pokemon that are essentially being tortured as their heart is closed shut and being "shadow Pokemon". You catch/steal them away from their trainers and basically open their hearts so they can be like normal pokemon and not suffer. It's a unique way to insert an unethical way of catching Pokemon while doing it for a purpose that is actually good. - Ruee

3 Wes (Pokemon Colosseum)

The most badass player character of all time!

4 The games can be very challenging

You have a limited amount of pokemon to use, facing trainers that are built to use double battles very wisely, having to catch some shadow Pokemon that have low catch rates like legendaries while fainting the ones that aren't. You have a handful of things to do and it can get very difficult, but can be also fun when you get used to it. In, trainers can have more than 1 shadow Pokemon in their party so that can up the difficulty. - Ruee

5 The games are the first story based 3d Pokemon games ever made

And they did a great job. If you look at Pokemon Sun and Moon and then look at these graphics, you notice that they are picking up on some of the aspects of its graphics. - Ruee

6 You start out with an Eevee (XD Gale of Darkness)

You can only evolve Eevee into 5 evolutions as this was made in generation 3, but it's still nice to start out with an eevee. - Ruee

7 You can find a Jirachi Bonus disc along with Pokemon Colosseum if you are lucky to get a Jirachi per Ruby and Sapphire file

You can basically get as many Jirachis as you want as long as you keep transferring them to gen 4 and restarting Ruby and Sapphire. They all start at level 5 so you can train them yourself. - Ruee

8 You can battle with your Pokemon on your gen 3 main story games through Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness

It's not as diverse as the Staduim games when it comes to having the option to get rentals but it's still great for people who enjoy playing older games in 3d - Ruee

9 You can transfer your Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness Pokemon to the main series games after you beat the game and they are purified
10 You feel like what you are doing matters in the game
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