Top Reasons Why You Should Trust No One Including Family

You should never trust anyone they can all backstab you including relatives and girlfriends . I don't have a family.

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1 They can be stalking you

They might be stalking you everywhere including on social media - Mewtwo_

2 They may be planning on killing you

They will he nice to you then they might kill you - Mewtwo_

3 They might put you into a trap

For example: the person you trusted tell you to go steal something then the police come and arrest you - Mewtwo_

4 They might take all your money

They might just walk up to you and pick pocket - Mewtwo_

I know how this can happen to people. - TwilightKitsune

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5 They might only like you cause of your money

Here's a reason why you should not trust your girlfriend. Let's say you are a rich person and that girl you like only wants your money - Mewtwo_

6 They might just be lying to you

They might just tell you they like you. While they actually hate you - Mewtwo_

7 They could have a dark mind

A dark mind that like thinking of killing you. Or a plan to kill the entire family - Mewtwo_

8 They might put on an act for you

A fake act. And then when you at least expect it they will kill your entire family or just you - Mewtwo_

9 They could be a wanted criminal that has been lying to you

A criminal that has been telling you he is your friend. And has not even told you he's a criminal - Mewtwo_

10 They might be cheating on you

She has been dating you while she was dating someone else and never told you - Mewtwo_

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11 They may not be your real parents
12 Illuminati
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