Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Watch Detective Conan

Detective Conan is not only an anime. It's a way of life, which everyone should definitely experience. Be ready for my list, as I'll make sure you definitely watch this one.

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1 Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa

He's hot and cool. He is smart and is praised above L as a detective. What else you want? And by the way it should be shinichi/conan there.


I love Conan. Everything about him, his style of clothing, voice, intelligence, sense of justice and etc. and of course Shinichi <3 I always look forward to those episodes where Shinichi appears and how will Ran react. hehe

Toi yeu conan tu rat nhieu thu den noi khong biet phai noi the nao

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2 Mysteries

Each episode in Detective Conan is a work comparable to that of a mystery novel standard. The mysteries shown in each episode are both intense and exciting. It's impossible to solve a case by yourself from seeing the episode until Conan does it for you. Just watch one episode of Detective Conan and see by yourself. - Kiteretsunu

Yup, I love 'em mysteries... - HezarioSeth

3 Kaitou Kid

If Kid existed they'd have a statue of him somewhere. Seriously he is AWESOME! - icyicy00

He is the greatest teen ever! That's because he is cool and do magic.

He's the most entertaining character ever! - Goku02

Kaitou Kid is a very very talented teenage boy magician (17 years old), who steals valuable gems using magic, only to return them afterward. He steals gems for fun, for displaying his magic skills to the peers on the road, and for one important reason*No Spoilers*. Before stealing a gem, he gives a warning note to the police, telling them the exact place and time of stealing those gems. Despite this, the police fail to capture him. He gets a huge and positive media coverage at the day when he decides to steal a gem. The common public love him, for his daredevil acts. He is also very handsome (I envy him for this). 'Cause not only all the girl characters in the anime have a crush on him, but also the real world detective conan fan girls find him very attractive. - Kiteretsunu

4 The Black Organization

How can any Detective Conan fan forget them. After Conan Edogawa, they are the biggest reason for such a success of this brilliant series. As a matter of fact, they are the main antagonist, and very mysterious. They rarely appear in the series, but when they do, you can say nothing but 'WOW'. The Organization is very clever and runs in secret, unknown to the world (except Conan himself, Haibara Ai, Professor Agasa, and the FBI). Haibara Ai is a former Black Organization member, but due to some circumstances, she turned her ways to good and has since become one important ally of Conan (she is an 8 year old girl, or actually seems like*No Spoilers* an 8 year old girl). She is one of the three girls who have a crush on Conan, and she is the smartest of them. The Black Organization is very dangerous, especially Gin (their coordinator), and can do anything to maintain their activities a secret. Conan has been chasing them ever since the start of the series without success (though there ...more - Kiteretsunu

5 Cold and Sarcastic Ai Haibara

I would never watch Adetective Conan without Haibara. She is interesting, cold and distant in the beginning, but she warms up, like how a real human being does. The interesting part of her is how welcoming she can be at times, and how she warms up to others while keeping her stoic and sarcastic self. She is no Miss Perfect like Ran, but she is an incredible character

Who doesn't like a character that makes fun of everything? Plus her actions aren't an open book. You can never predict what she's either going to do or say.

What on earth can you compare to her personality she is just amazing and her reactions always are the icing on the cake.

Haibara is the best

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6 Character Development

Each character in Detective Conan have their own distinct personalities. The characters seem like real persons, who mistakenly got themselves born in a 2D world. The personality of Haibara is my favorite. The characters here learn from their past mistakes and make changes in themselves accordingly - Kiteretsunu

7 Brilliant Movies

Detective Conan is an awesome T.V. series, no doubt. But it's movies are equally awesome and of the same level as the T.V. series one. It has released one movie each for every year consistently without any depreciation of quality in them. They are all best sellers. Just watch at least one movie of Detective Conan and you'll agree. - Kiteretsunu

8 The Smooth and Perfect Progression of a Story In Each Episode

Detective Conan episodes have naturality in them. The episode does not force itself into a mystery, but the crime (and thus the mystery) happens in the episode as if it was natural and meant to get happened. - Kiteretsunu

9 Comedy

There are many humorous elements in this show, mostly sarcastic humor (often showed by Conan). Go watch Detective Mouri and Genta in Detective Conan, if you love humor. - Kiteretsunu

10 Ran Mouri

Yeah... she beautiful and have kind heart, at least not like haibara who cries a lot. She was the best miss perfect ever!

I love ran karate

I love the sparkling relationships between Shinichi and Ran

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11 Shinichi and Ran moments

I'm so sure at the end, shinichi will be with ran together

Love shinichi and ran so much! They was my life!

Ofc, it makes me jealous to see Shinichi with Ran, but no couple is more prefect than them!

Shinran forever!

12 Brilliant Artwork
13 Action
14 The Detective Boys

This is a group which conan formed with two other boys and a girl, all of them about 8 year old, and all being his elementary school classmates. Haibara Ai later joins this group, after she leaves and escapes the Black Organization. The Detective Boys has solved many cases, primarily due to Conan deducing skills, and all of them love mysteries. - Kiteretsunu

15 Gadgets
16 Unpredictable

It's nearly impossible to tell who's the murderer. At first you think he is, but in reality, it's somebody else. Conan sees what you can't see - the one and only truth.

17 Science Fiction Detective Novel Love-child

Detective conan is a perfect blend of science fiction and mystery. For anyone who is a fan of those genres this is the story line for you. Anyone who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes will appreciate his stories influence on the show.

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