Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Rude to Metalheads

Metalheads are not bad people, they're just people who like metal and don't like crappy music, what's wrong with that? Inagine getting mad over literally the existence of these people. Well there are people like this out there and they need to be taught some manners! This list is gonna prove why you shouldn't be rude to metalheads.

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1 They're people too

Yes they're only human beings,imagine hating someone just based off what they like, and before a pop fan with no manners tells me "BUT METALHEADS HATE POP FANS JUST BECAUSE THEY LIKE POP" I will have you know most of the metalheads who hate pop fans only hate them because the just accept mediocrity and always victimize themselves whenever metalheads call them out for it and claimed they're being """""'bullied""""" by them.

I don't hate metalheads, but rhee are certain ones that an be douches. (Not including you as a bad metalhead)

And metalheads can be nice people.

we human

2 They only dislike crappy music

Post Malone and Maroon 5 are good. Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, 5 Seconds Of Summer, One Direction and most others suck.

What's wrong with not liking mainstream pop music? Its disposable crap made for normies and so it's bad for metalheads who see past greedy corporate Puppets to not like those artists? Shame on you for hating these nice people.

The only reason that metalheads hate mainstream pop is because it's terrible, nothing wrong with knowing the truth and just trying to spread facts.

Also, they dislike 6IX9INE and Submarine Man music.

3 They like one certain music genre

Which is metal and what is wrong with that? Plus metalheads like more than just metal so any person with no manners tell me that "metalheads are bad because they only listen to metal" is clearly getting mad over literally the existence of them which obviously means they need to learn some manners. - MetalWorldOrder

Metal = GOAT music genre

4 They're intelligent

And being rude to them only means you are you unintelligent and probably believe that feelings come before facts, but let me tell ya, it is a fact that facts come before feelings and being mad at this comment means you're unintelligent and need to learn some manners how not to be rude to intelligent people. - MetalWorldOrder

Get Metal_Treasure for example. He has great knowledge of metal. - Userguy44

5 They like 1000s of metal bands

And there is nothing wrong with that at all, it shows that metalheads like to support a lot of bands by giving them a listen, and plus that means they'r emore likely to a more varied taste in music and like a lot of underground bands, certainly better than the normies with no manners who only popular stuff. - MetalWorldOrder

6 They're cool

All metalheads are cool and all who hate them are uncool and have no manners we don't want people like that do we?

7 They have manners

Unlike the people who are rude to them, Metalheads have a lot of manners they always say "thank you" whenever a metal band releases a great album and they deserve a thank you for making great music.

Metalheads never leave the house without hugging their moms first. Can't get more nice than that.

8 They like technicallity

Nothing wrong with a little technical metal music, it shows that metal fans really like to show their appreication towards technical masters of the genre and they deserve all the credit they get. - MetalWorldOrder

9 They like heavy music

Nothing wrong with liking an underground band that makes really heavy music which makes for headbanging, clearly the people who are rude to these people do not like seeing people have fun in different and creative way. - MetalWorldOrder

10 They don't become butthurt over different opinions

This is kind of false if someone said that Master of Puppets was a bad album there would be a lot of people upset by this. (That applies to fans of other genres as well though.)

Then who were the people that were sending death threats to whoever put metal on the worst genre lists?

A 100% fact on a fact-based list. At least metal heads don't get butthurt over different opinions.

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11 They like mentioning good memories

And nothing wrong with that either, so the people who are rude to people who like to share good memories clearly hate seeing people have fun and they need to be taught some manners. - MetalWorldOrder

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