Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hate a Fandom

So I've seen a lot of hate online just because of what a person likes. Seriously? Why should you hate someone or thing, just because you aren't interested?
Plus every single fandom has the same problems. So if you have once been in a fandom and now hate it because of _____, then don't join any other fandom anymore, since the same thing happens.
Lots of hate is in this very website. So please, stop the hating.

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1 All fan bases have the same problems

Honestly, there isn't really any worst fandom. They all have the same part of the fandom that's disgusting, the one that consists of bigots, and the one side that denies their bad behavior.

Every fandom has that crazy rabid side that over obsessed and creates pornography - Phillip873

We hate a lot of fandoms because they have crazy and mental fans. - PeeledBanana

No, some are more mature and less violent... - EliHbk

2 People of different ages and genders like whatever they want

I'm a girl. I like Ninjago. SO? Fortunately I don't get prejudiced for this, but many online friends I know do.
The haters think that teens like ninjago because one tiny little scene had two characters shirtless, but seriously, it was just 3 minutes of the entire, 7 season long show. I like the series because of the plot. And no one ever said girls cannot like Ninjago.
In fact, I'm proud to become part of this fandom. I have a few friends, too who are male but enjoy My little Pony. - 21AM

Very true. I...hate...traditional...gender...norms. They seem to limit one's interest, and is somewhat unfair. Besides, as you pointed out, people of different ages and genders can like whatever the heck they want, regardless of what gender demographic the things they like are aimed at.

I can understand clothing being for different ages and genders. But toys? Nope. God forbid that I hope video games won't end up having a gender demographic, or else that will suck. (Understanding the difference between fantasy and reality is a very important lesson for everyone or anyone to learn.)

3 Everyone has their own thoughts

We all have the right to agree or disagree on something else. Everybody has their own opinion which means you don't have to argue about it because they favor one thing over another.

Just because you've seen something (eg the trailer of a show) and you don't like it, doesn't mean you should hate it. I've seen many haters who don't even know half the things about what they're hating. - 21AM

4 All fandoms have good things and flaws
5 There's enough hate in the world

Why are so many haters online who hate tiny things, like what someone is a fan of, instead of actually caring about the real world? - 21AM

6 Hating is also bullying

No. It's called having an opinion.

Not necessarily true. - PeeledBanana

No. Unless you bully fans. - Swellow

Nope, I have to disagree.
Hate - Feel intense or passionate dislike for.
Bullying - Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
They are different! - EliHbk

7 Fandoms are for fans. If you aren't a fan, ignore the fandom.

True, but what if the fandom comes after you!? - EliHbk

8 Fans promote their fandom to spread their opinions, and if you're not interested, you don't have to care

Then really bad fandoms scream at you, curse you, and "HOW DARE YOU NOT LIKE THIS THING I LIKE!? " - LordDovahkiin

9 Fandom hating is just, well, dumb.

Best item ever... - EliHbk

You ran out of ideas for this list. It’s not dumb, some fandoms mostly have fans who are disgusting perverts who draw inappropriate fanart, not the whole fandom but majority or half. Another reason is that one particular fandom that we all know of made someone have suicidal thoughts for drawing a character a little fat. - PeeledBanana

As someone who doesn't even like the Steven Universe fandom, that was years ago. It's looked down upon now and the artist has recovered. - Swellow

10 If you hate something, why would you still do so much research?

Because a lot of fandom haters are actually fans of said T.V. show or whatever it is that the fandom goes crazy over and are disgusted by the fandom's behavior.

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11 Hate is everywhere

Basically the same as "There's enough hate in the world" - EliHbk

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