Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of Homosexuals


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1 It's offensive

Gay should stop being used as slang for bad. - PerfectImpulseX

u mom gay

2 It isn't a thing to make fun of someone about

Something better would be if they wear shirts of hitler, etc. - GamerQuinn

3 It gives you no benefit (aka it's pointless)

Rather infame. - GamerQuinn

4 It's actually natural V 2 Comments
5 Whether you like it or not, people will be gay, lesbian, etc.
6 The bible says "Love the sinner, hate the sin"

@visitor - I do. You think that by giving homosexuals rights such as marriage would be giving them privileges. No. Giving them privileges would be like them not paying taxes. Bit like how churches don't. - IronSabbathPriest

Before you make fun of gays and also muslims, remember that our lord and saviour idubbbz is both. - IronSabbathPriest

Even if it's a sin, and you're a religious nutjob, you're contradicting yourself. - GamerQuinn

V 2 Comments
7 It's offensive to people with trouble in gender identity

What? Gender and sexual orientation are unrelated. - drdevil

This doesn't apply to all homosexuals, but transgender specifically. - GamerQuinn

Can't stand transgenders. There are two genders, two sexes, 4 preferences. - Puga

Bruh. Did someone in the comments seriously say there are two genders? SNFRIUWBUIWNRHQJHRDUH5BUBCU3CYRBEBHRCEJHRCBJECHR FIGHT ME BRO

8 Several great celebrities are homosexual V 1 Comment
9 It's a fascist idea

If you live in a democracy, it's very unlikely that they'll execute homosexuals. If you're a fascist, how about you see the trouble in North Korea. - GamerQuinn

10 It's annoying

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11 Homosexuals are people too
12 They didn't choose to be homosexual

Actually they did. - AlphaQ

It's not that that they chose to be attracted to the same sex, it's that they chose to come out the closet and date/have sex with them. - drdevil

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