Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of People With Autism


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21 You should not make fun of anyone

Just don't do it...

They are Spethal

22 They are fun people to be around with

They are fun to be around with they are kind people to be around with it make me wanna when autistic kids are made fun of

23 You'll look like a jerk


I hate that

No what is wrong with u. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

24 They are really good detectives

Autistic people are really good at spotting things what others don't pay attention to

One of the, noticed my pants were lose and threw a Lego into my butt. - AlphaQ

That's me! - PhoebeThunderman

I could finish a where's Waldo book in a minute
And I spy books
So yeah I guess we are good at noticing things people can't spot or don't pay attention to

25 They may become great people

I actually want to be a cartoonist when I grow up. I might be famous. Look at all the famous people with autism like Einstein and Temple Grandin. - PhoebeThunderman

26 They are not robots
27 Bullying is never okay
28 They have may have friends

Not all autistic people have no friends, there are some that actually have friends

You shouldn’t say that to people who has autism because you don’t know if they have friends or they could have a lot more friends then you think. You should think about what you said before you say it cause you could really make people with autism really mad and you don’t want that to happen do you

29 They throw tantrums easily
30 They're not as bad as you think they are
31 You can't change who they are
32 It is harassment and bullying

YES! I have autism and I was made fun of today! It really hurts emotionally

33 We all have a bit of ASD

I Was diagnosed with ASD with anger management. I can code, and live normally. The stupid people are the ones making fun of ASD. Autistic people DO GO SUICIDAL when their told their worthless because of autism.

34 It's a serious topic
35 Most of them are not mentally retarded

I hate how people think autism is a disorder that makes people mentally retarded because that's not what it is. Autistic people are actually brilliant and should never be made fun of.

Yeah, at first glance I appear to be simply a shy and so-called "normal" girl. - Lunala

36 Because you're not perfect either
37 Because you don't want to be made fun of either
38 Many famous people are autistic too

Like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Isaac Newton...etc.

39 They are just normal people
40 It's pointless
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1. They are intelligent, even if others think otherwise
2. They're human beings, too
3. They are very nice people
1. It's not their fault they have autism
2. It's inhumane and rude
3. They're human beings, too
1. It's not their fault they have autism
2. It's inhumane and rude
3. They're human beings, too

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