Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of Stutterers

Believe it or not, but I am a stutterer myself, and I've struggled with this frustrating speech impediment ever since I was 8. I was being relentlessly teased and bullied due to this reason and my life was hellish and miserable as I continue to endure the sufferings throughout my life because of my differences and who I am. I want people to see this is so that they can understand and feel the same way about stutterers.
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It's not their fault

Although there is no definite known cause of why does a person has this speech disorder, it is definitely not their fault they have this abnormality and they never ask for this abnormality at all. That applies to all of the people that shall be respected despite their differences. - Kevinsidis

There are famous people who were/are stutterers

There are powerful figures throughout history who have struggled with this speech impediment yet there are some who still struggled and others who have struggled before. Winston Churchill was a stutterer before, but his stutter is no longer with him. Instead, he has become a powerful motivational speaker for the people of Britain as Prime Minister during WWII. It's good to know that one of the greatest leaders in history was a stutterer before.

Take King George VI for example as a person who still struggles as a stutterer during his time as king. He has undergone speech therapy to prepare for speeches he has to deliver as the king himself. The King's Speech displays George's life very well that it's rather emotional to watch, so I suggest this film to those who are curious of his life. - Kevinsidis

I agree with the premise of this list a speech impediment does not mean that you should make fun of someone. On the other hand I would maybe have called this item successful or influential people rather than simply famous people. - Powell

Stuttering doesn't correlate to intelligence

Just because they have trouble getting the words out doesn't necessarily mean they are stupid and all the way down disabled. They might be very skilled at something when you are not skilled at that skill. Seeing something of what they are truly capable of may change your mind later. - Kevinsidis

You may have to work with somebody who stutters

Either in a school or work environment, you still have to work with people despite their differences or that you dislike them because of their differences. If you are getting agitated because they are trying to make the words come out and are making fun of that person, that's on you. It is your lack of patience that makes you less appreciative of that person. Simply give them enough time of trying to get the words out and it is OK for them to take their time. It not only shows them that you are appreciative of that person, but it shows that you are a good person and that you really care. - Kevinsidis

They are human

Just because they stutter doesn't necessarily mean they have some sort of intellectual disability and it simply doesn't mean that they should be treated like canines. People should be treated equally and should be in harmony together despite their differences. Just like gay people and people of color should be treated equally like, as I said before, despite their differences. - Kevinsidis

It's bigoted and ignorant

If you make stereotypes and rumors about them, then you are considered bigoted in my book. Sure, this list item might be exaggerated a little bit, but I can assure you it's reasonable of how I feel because I was a tormented victim of bullying for dragged years due to my stutter. Some people might think that stutterers have some sort of an intellectual disability, but, as I said before, it doesn't necessarily correlate intelligence. If you think exactly like that, you are considered bigoted. Like I said, have patience with them and then you will understand. - Kevinsidis

They might become one some day

For prime example, what if that stutterer wants to become an orator or in some occasion where he is not afraid of speaking to a crowd of people. It'll spark that similar inspiration just like King George VI when he is giving speeches to the people of Britain during WWII. You may never know because they may pull it off and do well in public speaking. Maybe someone who's going to be recognised, you just never know. Even they can have jobs other than public speaking, but it doesn't mean that they chose not to communicate with others of cooperating with people and other things that involves communication. It's no doubt that communications is an essential part in the real world and it simply makes society function on its own. - Kevinsidis

There's nothing wrong with stuttering

To be honest, I find it quite odd that people find that stuttering is not that bad at all and that it's a normal thing. For example, when a stutterer feels comfortable and proud of his/her stutter because he/she finds it cute. Like I get it that stuttering is not bad at all and it is normal to stutter at times like normal people do when they are nervous or stressed. But I just find it odd for people to embrace and take pride of their own stutter. Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with stuttering. - Kevinsidis

It's apathetic

What if you may experience the same struggle they are going through? What if all of a sudden one of your children has the abnormality himself/herself? You can still be empathetic to them though you haven't experienced the same struggle as they are experiencing. It's highly unlikely and absurd that people tend to be more empathetic around stutterers when they experience the struggle themselves. Plus people have to be patient and cooperate with people and be patient with people despite their speech problems in some scenarios. - Kevinsidis

They're nice people

As I said before, it takes patience and time to take more into the insight that they're not so bad at all. - Kevinsidis

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