Top Ten Reasons Why You Think Life is Pointless

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Think Life is Pointless

Nothing you do makes a difference

Almost everything you do does make a difference. Example: If you don’t go to school tomorrow, you’d need to catch up on work instead of already being at the same area as eveyrone else.
If you’re talking about big differences for the whole world, then you’d be mostly correct. You’d have to do something big to make a difference for the world, so actually this is incorrectly.

Nobody will remember you 2 years from now

Not true. Family members and close friends will remember me 2 years from now, because they’re the closest people to me.

Everything stays the same

I do the same stuff every day

Not everything actually. Hundreds and even millions of people die everyday, making a big difference for millions of people. The weather changes obviously, someone is an idiot and screws up something, political changes occur, and stuff like this

You're not doing things with your life

I have WAY too much time on my hands. I seriously need to get a life.

People are doing things with their life. Kids go to school to get educated, adults/parents go to their jobs to support themselves/their families, celebrities have fame and money but they still have to keep their fame alive by performing and what not, political people like the president for example have to keep the world running and safe with the laws. There is a purpose for life, if you want to know then you can message me and I’d be glad to tell you.

Everything is temporary

This is the only one so far that is correct

Nothing you're doing will have any effect on you in a few years

This is true for majority of the things you do. Except for big occasions like becoming a celebrity, the president, getting married and having kids in a few years time, stuff like this.

You take up more space than you're worth
Work and school don't matter

Work does matter because you need to get a living and support your families. School does matter also because you need to get well educated for when you’re older and responsible.

Life's too short but too long

Life is long enough. - Userguy44

In a way this makes sense. Life is long with 365 days in a year, and people nowadays live up to their 70’s, even 80’s if they’re lucky. It’s a long time, but it also flies by so fast since we do so many things to keep us busy

People suck

I think some people really suck. - Userguy44

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You're not going to have a legacy
It is annoying
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