Top Ten Reasons Why You Wouldn't Want Your Mom to Enter Your Room


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1 You're Changing

So true! She just comes in when I was changing without announcing or knocking, and when I tell her I want to change alone, she said that she has the rights to see me change because she is also a female. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! - Goku02

This has happened multiple times to me where I was changing and my mom decided to enter unannounced! - Flowersocks2137

My mom does this a few times per year but I can't blame her because she probably didn't know what I was doing at that time.

My brother on the other hand crashes into the doors when I'm changing and it's really annoying to keep buying doors every few weeks. - AlphaQ

2 You're Hanging Out With Your Significant Other

Not that I have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it would be awfully embarrassing if your mom entered while you were kissing or something! - Flowersocks2137

3 You're Sleeping

I hate being woken up by my mom while I'm sleeping. And normally it's just stupid things like, "I'm just making sure you're okay, now go back so sleep." or something that can wait till morning... - Flowersocks2137

I hate it when people watch me sleep, it's so creepy! Especially when you wake up and they are right in front of you with a creepy smile on their face.

It bothers me and I don't even have a lock in my door. - Unharmless

4 You're Watching Bad Videos

Not necessarily applied to me (for the most part), but I'm sure this is really relatable to a lot of other people out there. - Flowersocks2137

I never do this, but that would be very bad!

5 Lack of Privacy

Definitely the worst. She just comes in and sits there watching me, and it is so annoying! - Goku02

Yup. She does this all the time. - Unharmless

My mom does this all the time

This one especially annoys me. I want more privacy in my room (hence the 'my' part) and every time she comes in without knocking irratates me to death! - Flowersocks2137

6 You Snuck Candy

This always happens to me! I will be hoarding chocolate in the corner of my room and she always happens to spot it! What can I say? I have a thing for sweets. - Flowersocks2137

7 You're Dancing

I can't explain how many times this occured in my life! I'll be listening to a song on my phone while doing these horrendously terrible dance moves, and she always happens to walk in on me! - Flowersocks2137

8 You're Smoking

I'm not going to smoke and will not in the future (no offense if you do smoke), but that would be horrible if someone entered my room while I had a cigarette in my hand! I would be grounded for life! - Flowersocks2137

I would get in real trouble by my parents if I get caught doing this - Unharmless

9 You're masturbating to porn

Yea, I'm sure my "fruit" is am appropriate thing ti see while you break in someone's room. - AlphaQ

Hate to admit it... but it has happened to me before and it's very awkward... - CaptainMowzker

10 You're Drinking Alcohol

I don't drink, but I have a sister that does. There has been several incidences where she has been caught while with her friends in her room, and that would be horrible if that would ever happen to me! - Flowersocks2137

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11 You're on Your Phone While You're Grounded

I don't get grounded often, but I remember two years ago I was grounded off of my tablet (didn't have a phone), and she came in while I was playing it! I ended up getting in more trouble than to begin with! Definitely a lesson learned though! - Flowersocks2137

12 You're Singing
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