Reasons Why Younger Siblings are Worse Than Older Siblings

Older siblings...aren't they annoying? NO!! Usually the YOUNGER siblings are worse!! Anyhoo, let's mention why older siblings are better than younger

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1 Older siblings are role models, younger siblings are bad role models

An older sibling might be doing homework or...sleeping or something. A younger sibling just makes noise and throws fits! Which one is more annoying, hm? - Mariomaster63

I go to bed early, I am not a picky eater, and I don't swear. My sister and cousins sleep late, are mega picky eaters, whine, cry, throw tantrums, steal things, and say the D word.

I agree that younger siblings are worse, but the older siblings aren’t always the perfect role models. Some can be bad. - 3DG20

2 Younger siblings want your stuff

Younger sibling: I'm jealous YOU have an iPhone 7. I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!
Later...he's asleep! All I need to do is TAKE it from it and claim it! - Mariomaster63

3 Older siblings are happy for what they have

Me: Aren't you disappointed that you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas?
Older sibling: As long as I have a roof over my head, I'm satisfied. - Mariomaster63

4 Younger siblings cry over everything.

Once my little cousin cried because my other cousins and I drew mustaches on her coloring book as a joke. Also once at a party once of my cousins and I decided to take a bunch of pictures on my other cousin's iPad as a joke and he decided to cry all over it and threaten to tell on me. They are just WAY too serious over everything!


5 Older siblings only cry over deaths or serious reasons

I ate the wrong container of blueberries yesterday and my mom yelled at me for it. My sister and I both cried. My sister cried over blueberries. I cried out of anger, hurt, and guilt.

6 Younger siblings are gross

They pick their noses, they drool, they crap without wiping. Ewww. - Mariomaster63

7 Older siblings tend to be clean

They shower, they blow their nose, they wipe when their done using the restroom. - Mariomaster63

My younger brother sucks a lot. Spoiled brat who makes saliva all over the place. Me on the other hand, is sanitary enough to be in a restaurant

8 Younger siblings are tattle-tales

MOM! JOHNNY SAID "STUPID"! - Mariomaster63



9 Older siblings tell if you did something wrong
10 Younger siblings say "I hate you"

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11 Older siblings say "I'm disappointed in you"

I’ve never heard an older sibling say that lol - 3DG20

12 Younger siblings lie more
13 Younger siblings get all the attention
14 Older siblings play good games
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1. Older siblings are role models, younger siblings are bad role models
2. Younger siblings want your stuff
3. Older siblings are happy for what they have


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