Reasons Why Younger Siblings are Worse Than Older Siblings

Older siblings...aren't they annoying? NO!! Usually the YOUNGER siblings are worse!! Anyhoo, let's mention why older siblings are better than younger

The Top Ten Reasons Why Younger Siblings are Worse Than Older Siblings

1 Older siblings are role models, younger siblings are bad role models

I am the older sibling. My other siblings are just horrible models, if they even are.

An older sibling might be doing homework or...sleeping or something. A younger sibling just makes noise and throws fits! Which one is more annoying, hm?

My little siblings are just annoying little brats

Actually, younger siblings are NO role models.

2 Younger siblings want your stuff

And then break it.

But because they don't know what they're doing.

Exactly! I’m 16 my sister is 11, I got a karaoke machine for Christmas, and while I was sleeping, she snuck into my room at 1in the morning, and stole it. I told her to please give it back nicely, and then she yelled, MOM! JACOB SLAPPED ME! Really?!

This list is so stereotypical.

Older siblings sometimes do this too, but it’s nowhere near as often.

3 Older siblings are happy for what they have

Me: Aren't you disappointed that you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas?
Older sibling: As long as I have a roof over my head, I'm satisfied.

Not always. I have an older sibling who constantly bitches over everything and is one of the most ungrateful people I have ever met.

4 Younger siblings cry over everything.

Once my little cousin cried because my other cousins and I drew mustaches on her coloring book as a joke. Also once at a party once of my cousins and I decided to take a bunch of pictures on my other cousin's iPad as a joke and he decided to cry all over it and threaten to tell on me. They are just WAY too serious over everything!


5 Older siblings only cry over deaths or serious reasons

Your younger sister told you to stop crying because your great grandmother died?! What an idiot. She should be crying too.

That's a good thing. Younger siblings need to learn from their older, and yet, wiser siblings.

I ate the wrong container of blueberries yesterday and my mom yelled at me for it. My sister and I both cried. My sister cried over blueberries. I cried out of anger, hurt, and guilt.

When my great grandmother died, I was 13 and my 8 year old sister (now 11and I’m 16) I cried and she said stop it. “ YOUR 13 YEARS OLD! GER OVER IT! ” Her exact words

6 Younger siblings are gross

Older siblings can be gross too, but younger siblings are way worse.

They pick their noses, they drool, they crap without wiping. Ewww.

7 Younger siblings are tattle-tales




my sister will mock me at first, sister:"camdyncamdyncamdyncamdyn"
Me "will shut up for just two seconds?!"
sister:"MOOM?! Camdyn said "shut up!"
what the heck.

8 Older siblings tend to be clean

Yep! I'm the third cleanest in the house (I can't beat mom and dad), whenever I wash the dishes they're cleaner, the floor is rarely ever dirty, I keep my clothes clean, I keep my stuff straight, and I'm the second nicest one in the house! ( Mom beat me again) So, yeah, most of the time this is true. Also, I've never gotten grounded!

They shower, they blow their nose, they wipe when their done using the restroom.

My younger brother sucks a lot. Spoiled brat who makes saliva all over the place. Me on the other hand, is sanitary enough to be in a restaurant

9 Younger siblings get all the attention

YES. When people see my little sister, they immediately begin fawning over her, thinking she is so cute and sweet, when in reality, she is a monster!

So true -_-

10 Older siblings tell if you did something wrong

Me: *is texting someone about something important. At the age were I'm responsible to know when to go to sleep.*
Sibling: "Mum, Brother is on his phone."
Sibling: *Destroys something I value.*
Me: *Tells mother instead of pummeling sibling.*
Sibling: "Snitch"

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11 Younger siblings say "I hate you"

I agree with most of the items on the list because although older siblings do sometimes do those things as well, it’s not as often, but this item is completely invalid. You will most likely never hear an older sibling say “I’m disappointed in you” as opposed to “I hate you”.

12 Younger siblings get away with everything

I do something wrong and get punished for it

My little sister does the exact same thing the following day and gets off scot free! What the hell!?

I turn on the hose outside to give water to my dog, even when I'm not allowed to turn on the hose by myself.
Parents: Camdyn! you know better! go inside while I find an extra chore for you!

sister gives dog water with hose
Parents: oh jo! hey! next time can you let me do it? thanks!

Me: wut ._.

Actually my older sister gets away with almost everything.

13 The younger can hit you a 1000 times and when you hit them once they cry
14 Younger siblings lie more

I'm the oldest with three younger siblings. All of them lie often, blatantly, or act confused. The youngest is treated like she can't tell a like. Whenever she lies, my mom calls it "tricking people".

When my parents asks who had the remote last:
Me: I watched T.V. yesterday and put it up. After that I don't know anything about it.
Younger siblings: *watched T.V. an hour ago* I don't know. I didn't even watch the T.V. last.

They say things they think makes sense to them as an alibi when they are at fault.

I ask who ate my cookies they would say they didn't eat my cookies even though the empty container is next to them. Why? Because at the time they ate them they didn't know they were mine so they didn't eat MY cookies. It's just the darnest thing. Gets on my nerves. I don't know if it's pure retardation or what.

And your parents believe in them

15 Younger siblings are left out, especially when they try to say something but get ignored.

No, it's the OPPOSITE. The OLDER sibling gets ignored and left out, while the younger one gets all the attention.

16 Younger siblings ruin your life just for fun and get away with it
17 Younger siblings like to annoy you for no reason
18 Younger siblings are not as responsible as you and you usually have to tie up their loose ends
19 They always act like Teenagers

I’m 15 (almost 16) and my 11 year old sister acts like a teenager. She also steals my phone sometimes

What if your sibling is a teenager?

20 Older siblings play good games
21 Younger siblings always think they're being left out even when they're not

Meanwhile the very next item is, “Younger siblings are left out, especially when they try to say something but get ignored.”

22 Younger siblings like to blame the older sibling for no reason
23 Younger siblings demand more attention

I don't like attention myself (from my parents), my little siblings can have it. But I want my little brother to stop calling my name every FiVe mInUtEs.

24 Younger siblings are greedy
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