Top Ten Reasons Why Your Most Hated Person Is Famous

Have you ever hated a celebrity so much that you just go on and on about it, well mabye its time to wake and realize that you could have just shut you mouth for a bit

The Top Ten

1 You give them attention

So many people are famous just because they have haters. Fame is fame. It doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. Even if you say nasty things about someone, you give them attention.

Yep, that's right. One reason why Justin Bieber is still famous. - Kiteretsunu

2 Celebrity news

Every little thing they will do will be on the news. - SuperHyperdude

3 They will get away with everything

Kill about millions of people did you, who cares you're a celebrity we'll let you free because people will be angry and surprise surprise, talk about it - SuperHyperdude

4 Publicity Stunts
5 Reality TV shows

Of courses, if these people weren't so bloody controversial enough they have to have reality T.V. shows but of course people will watch it just because they like to hate them although they'll give them attenton - SuperHyperdude

6 The fanbase

They're fanbase will just be idiots and defend them no matter what the circemstances it is. They treat them like gods or goddesses and just treat their intrests like religions - SuperHyperdude

7 The famous people do dumb crap

Just for attention, because of course that's the reason they do it what else? - SuperHyperdude

8 People only hire them for money

Let's think about it for a second, there's so many people out there that gets lots of criticism too much to just I don't know just call it a day? No of course not, they use it not because they admire tem bus its like a magnet, a magnet full of money and fame. - SuperHyperdude

9 Because they have connections
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