Top 10 Reasons Why Your Parents Shouldn't Enter the Bathroom While You're Using It


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1 It's an invasion of privacy

Yes, I get it mom, I came out of you naked but I don't like you looking at me like that! - KianaLexi

No mom. My naked body and open window doesn't mean what you think

True. I am not gonna let my privacy be invaded. Mind you.

2 You're masturbating

This never happened to me but this would be super embarrassing if I were to do that... - KianaLexi

I never would do this, but it would be embarrassing. - Catacorn

Do it at night when everyone is a sleep. - Arcxia

3 You're taking a crap

Especially when you stink up the bathroom and they spray you. - KianaLexi

4 You're in the shower

This happens to me all the time... At least the shower thing isn't exposing me. - KianaLexi

5 You're covering up a bloody scar
6 You're singing in the shower
7 It's your time of the month
8 You're completely undressed for some reason

It isn't what it looks like, mom! Honest! - KianaLexi

9 You're taking a bath

My mom constantly does this!

Mom! *Covers up breasts* - KianaLexi

Your mom must be proud of you growing up darling. 😉 Trust me. - Arcxia

10 You're using your mom's styling stuff to do your hair

Mom! I just want to look nice! Every time I do this, my mom yells at me. - KianaLexi

Why don't you try asking your mom to use her styling stuff - Arcxia

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11 You're watching questionable things on the internet...
12 You're pooping
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