Reasons Why Your TheTopTens Posts Get Deleted

HvV Season XX Episode 3-5 and HvV Season XXX Episode 8 has been removed here's why.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Your TheTopTens Posts Get Deleted

1 It contains rape and killing

I'm surprised Admin only removed those. It proves how flawed the policy is and always will be. - Therandom

Why is there no advisory or disclaimer instead?

2 It contains death threats to users

People take death threats seriously because if it's serious, they're gonna die. - keycha1n

Some people take "death threats" way too seriously.

3 It contains hatred on other users

You know what I find amusing? Anonymous users who vote on my lists just to say, "don't vote on this list." - Britgirl

Remember Admin's Policy! No personal attacks!

4 It contains bullying
5 It contains a copy of another page
6 It contains non-censored swearing

This website was supposed to be something formal, according to the terms of use of the site.

7 It is flat out weird

That’s a dumb reason. - 3DG20

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