Top 10 Reasons Why YouTube Ads Suck

These reasons will tell you why Youtube ads suck. So believe or not agree with me.

The Top Ten

1 They don't buffer while videos buffer.

Why did they even do that! It's not worth it. They don't even make any sense. Videos buffer more than ads. That is why I agree with this reason

2 You can't disable them.

They can't be disabled at all. If you look at the settings, there is no option that you can disable ads.

Download adblock plus. - ShopkinsLover


3 They can't be skipped in the mobile browser.

Of course, we can't skip them. Why the hell wouldn't they add it in their mobile websites? Well this is a bad idea.

This is why I got YouTube Red instead. - MeeMeeCandy777

4 They crash your browser when they end.

I don't litteraly agree with YouTube Ads. They just keep on crashing until you rage quit.

5 They make videos unwatchable.

They start at the beggining then they crash. That makes it unwatchable,

6 They take away your enjoyment in watching videos.

Instead of enjoying videos, they make you watch ads until you rage quit taking your enjoyment in watching videos away.

By the time I get to watch what I wanted to see I'm angry that I could not skip a 7 minute comercial.

7 In the desktop site, when they buffer, the countdown to skip videos stop.

They take longer to count to 0 making it seconds longer to skip the ad.

8 They don't make any sense.

They don't enjoy you watch videos rather than wait 'till they're finished.

Every 2 mins an advert. that's desperate Youtube!

9 Waste of time

I think it is bad to waste my time and then the creator gets revenue.

Yeah. - andrewteel

10 They can take 40-50 minutes to finish.

Sometimes, they take longer to watch making you more upset than when buffering the video.

The Contenders

11 Almost all the ads are lame

Looking at the size of Google you”d think they wouldn”t just accept content any quack with an account... looks like i”m wrong...

12 They display errors after they end.

They display errors when you finished stating that the video is unwatchable.

13 The music on them is normally terrible.
14 You can't skip certain ones

That drives me crazy. - andrewteel

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