Top 10 Reasons Why YouTube's Copyright System is Broken

The Top Ten Reasons Why YouTube's Copyright System is Broken

1 Anyone can submit a false copyright claim/strike and screw over other content creators

It's called demonetization for a reason. YouTube's system is demonic.

I agree, this sucks the most. Famous YTP creator CS188 said that he got copyright claims on his Michael Rosen YTPs despite the fact that Michael himself personally allowed YTPs to stay on YouTube. The account that claimed it looks phony. - Gg2000

You can even lie about owning something and send a copyright strike, youtube will immediately give you the rights and revenue. How unfair is that.

Such as the infamous Sam Pepper example... of him claiming/ striking videos mentioning him.

2 Even if copyrighted audio is only played for a few seconds in its entirety big corporations and bots still find it claimable

Believe or not, they actually have a right to do this. So it is not a stupid reason.

I'm quite sure those "Big corporations" do not understand fair use.

Hollywood are greedy asses they don't know what fair use is because they are dumb and don't read the laws of Fair use - christangrant

*Not in It's Entireity* Another typo.

3 Half of the claims/strikes are either false or submitted by bots

If you have a YT channel yourself then you'll know what I'm talking about.

4 Even if the copyrighted product isn't shown in it's entirety you can still get copyright strikes/claims

*Typo* I meant to say Hit with.

Self explantaory.

One time a Youtuber got copyright clamed for talking about a movie he didn't show one clip of the movie in his video - christangrant

5 Half of the claims submitted take thirty days for them to response making them expire on their own

Basically makes the claim pointless - christangrant

Respond* Another typo.

6 Even short clips or audio that aren't played in their entirety can still result in a video being blocked worldwide

One thing I always hated about Nintendo they copyright clam everything that says Mario they even tried to copyright stike people who play Minecraft on Wii U even though Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and they allow their games to be played on youtube - christangrant

Especially if it's from a big Japanese company like Sony or Nintendo.

7 Even if your claim for why the copyrighter owner's claim is false, there's a high chance they'll automatically reject it

Especiailly if it's from Sony... then good luck.

8 Once one of your videos is taken you automatically have to do YouTube school just to regain access to your account

Which takes a few seconds but still it's kind of broken because even after you finish you still have to remove the strike which is a pain in the ass.

9 Even if you submit a counter claim the chance of it being accepted is 50/50

Yeah... no explantation needed.

10 Only four strikes and your channel's deleted

That's barely better then 3 strikes.

Really? So now they changed it to 4? I didn't know that!

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