Reasons Why the YouTuber Joby Dimms Sucks

Man I hate this YouTuber and here are my reasons why

URL to his channel:

The Top Ten

1 He is annoying

He spammed hate comments an MLP-video on YouTube - Neonco31

2 He is a hypocrite
3 He treats bronies and furries unfairly

He calls them trash, subhuman, anti-Christs, and a blight on humanity based on his comments. This guy is nuts! SERIOUSLY? Watching a girl show doesn't make me anti-Christ at all - Neonco31

4 He hates Jenny Nicholson just because she likes My Little Pony

She is a woman FFS! And hating her just because she likes a girl show is discriminating! - Neonco31

5 He spams tons hate comments on videos
6 He hates animation movies

How can you hate classic animation movies like The Lion King or Snow White as well as modern animation movies like Inside Out and Toy Story? - Neonco31

He hates anything animated in general. There are many cartoons made for adults, Joby.

7 He is immature
8 He is stupid

Refer to my other comments above - Neonco31

9 His YouTube reputation is pathetic

Most of his videos have tons of thumbs-down and many people bashing him for being immature and annoying - Neonco31

10 He is a troll

Do you mean a cyberbully?

The Contenders

11 He makes death threats

Threatened to stab people at theaters when the MLP movie comes on October - Neonco31

He threatened to come to pony-con and kill people just for liking MLP.

12 He always fails at gaining support
13 He hates autism

It's not their fault they have autism and stop thinking that autistic people are destined to die in hell! - Neonco31

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