Reasons Why the YouTuber Joby Dimms Sucks

Man I hate this YouTuber and here are my reasons why

URL to his channel:

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1 He is annoying

He spammed hate comments an MLP-video on YouTube - Neonco31

2 He is a hypocrite
3 He treats bronies and furries unfairly

He calls them trash, subhuman, anti-Christs, and a blight on humanity based on his comments. This guy is nuts! SERIOUSLY? Watching a girl show doesn't make me anti-Christ at all - Neonco31

4 He hates Jenny Nicholson just because she likes My Little Pony

She is a woman FFS! And hating her just because she likes a girl show is discriminating! - Neonco31

5 He spams tons hate comments on videos
6 He hates animation movies

How can you hate classic animation movies like The Lion King or Snow White as well as modern animation movies like Inside Out and Toy Story? - Neonco31

He hates anything animated in general. There are many cartoons made for adults, Joby.

7 He is immature
8 He is stupid

Refer to my other comments above - Neonco31

9 He hates autism

It's not their fault they have autism and stop thinking that autistic people are destined to die in hell! - Neonco31

Joby Dimms deserves to have his dead body used as a marionette for elementary school puppet shows so children of all ages can uncontrollably laugh at his stupid-looking corpse!

10 He makes death threats

Threatened to stab people at theaters when the MLP movie comes on October - Neonco31

He threatened to come to pony-con and kill people just for liking MLP.

He should kill himself instead!

The Contenders

11 His YouTube reputation is pathetic

Most of his videos have tons of thumbs-down and many people bashing him for being immature and annoying - Neonco31

12 He is a troll

Do you mean a cyberbully?

13 He always fails at gaining support
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