Reasons Why the YouTuber Joby Dimms Sucks

Man I hate this YouTuber and here are my reasons why

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1 He is annoying

He spammed hate comments an MLP-video on YouTube - Neonco31

2 He is a hypocrite
3 He treats bronies and furries unfairly

He calls them trash, subhuman, anti-Christs, and a blight on humanity based on his comments. This guy is nuts! SERIOUSLY? Watching a girl show doesn't make me anti-Christ at all - Neonco31

4 He hates autism

It's not their fault they have autism and stop thinking that autistic people are destined to die in hell! - Neonco31

Joby Dimms deserves to have his dead body used as a marionette for elementary school puppet shows so children of all ages can uncontrollably laugh at his stupid-looking corpse!

God hates Joby Dimms with an unhealthy passion!

5 He hates animation movies

How can you hate classic animation movies like The Lion King or Snow White as well as modern animation movies like Inside Out and Toy Story? - Neonco31

He hates anything animated in general. There are many cartoons made for adults, Joby.

Even Illumination’s films are far more mature and adult than most of the crap the DCEU has been making nowadays (except for Wonder Woman, of course).

Even the idiots who made Norm of the North aren’t anywhere near as brain-damaged as Joby is!

6 He makes death threats

He should kill himself instead!

Even Osama bin Laden was an easier person to get along with!

Threatened to stab people at theaters when the MLP movie comes on October - Neonco31

He threatened to come to pony-con and kill people just for liking MLP.

7 He hates Jenny Nicholson just because she likes My Little Pony

She is a woman FFS! And hating her just because she likes a girl show is discriminating! - Neonco31

8 He spams tons hate comments on videos
9 He is immature
10 His YouTube reputation is pathetic

Most of his videos have tons of thumbs-down and many people bashing him for being immature and annoying - Neonco31

He makes Tommy Wiseau look like Christopher Nolan!

He makes Logan Paul look like Markiplier!

He makes Rebecca Black look like Adele!

The Contenders

11 He is stupid

Refer to my other comments above - Neonco31

12 He always fails at gaining support

Even TanaCon was a much bigger success than Joby Dimms has ever been in his pathetic life!

13 He is a troll

We should all get together and start a Holocaust against all ableist, homophobic cyber bullies such as Joby Dimms so the Internet could be a better place again!

Do you mean a cyberbully?

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