Top 10 Reasons Why the YouTuber TheMysteriousMrEnter Sucks

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1 He is a huge hypocrite

Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite.

Ah, this list had the StrikingStreak parody account for Mr. Enter on here, right? - DCfnaf

AND he is the BIGGEST one of all!

In what ways?

2 He bullied metal users on TheTopTens

I didn't get bullied but that still made me hate him - Neonco31

He uses this site? - Gametoon

3 He harassed metalheads on TheTopTens

I think he harassed the user Lucretia by saying that pornogrind is the best metal genre and that Deep Purple is the worst band of all time. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I find it ironic that he loves My Little Pony yet even MLP has some hard rock and metal music despite him claiming he hates it. Look at the episode Hurricane Fluttershy. During Fluttershy's training scene, a metal track is played throughout it so how did he get through it then? - Neonco31

I don’t think it was the real Mr. Enter... - DCfnaf


4 He takes cartoons way too seriously

What's wrong with critiquing things? He's just a critic who says what works and why, and what doesn't work and why. He doesn't treat them like the worst things in life. - Gametoon

If there's one example of abuse in a cartoon, he loses his mind because it's supposedly mocking his situation with abusive parents. - Swellow

They're just cartoons so why be so mind focused on them anyways? - Neonco31

I don't know who he is but sounds like a Abuisve cartoon whiner

5 He thinks trolls and cyberbullies are the same thing

What an illiterate.

A troll is a person who annoys users just for fun but a cyberbully is more than just that - Neonco31

6 He treats writers of bad episodes like they are the second coming of Hitler

He did act like that a bit in his older videos, but he improved since. - Gametoon

His Animated Atrocities rant video on Stuck in the Wringer was too harsh on the writers! Honestly, that's my least favorite Animated Atrocities rant video because of that reason. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I wish he'd re review that one. I agree with his anger at the beginning, but at the end he just attacks the writers. - DCfnaf

Just because they wrote a terrible or bad episode of a cartoon doesn't mean they are worse than Hitler. You think killing millions of people is better than just making a bad episode of a cartoon? I surely hope not - Neonco31

Plus Animated Atrocities: The Splinter was Mr. Enter's oldest video of all time/debut. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who may threaten Enterbots eventually

7 He impersonated TheRealMysteriousMrEnter

Do your research, please. I am not defending The Mysterious Mr. Enter (even before reading the items on this list), but I know that Mr. Enter was existent since the middle of the early 21st Century while TheRealMysteriousMrEnter (who is much worse) came out in the third quarter of the 2010s, which is totally ending right now. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who debuts on YouTube tomorrow

Both suck and so does MrEnter. He is a wannabe SJW. - DynastiSugarPop

8 He calls all haters trolls

Wow, hasn't this guy ever heard of opinions? At least when I'm dealing with SAO haters, I can respect their opinions and I don't call them trolls. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

As long as they respect my opinion back. If they're mean to me about it and claim I have bad taste and don't deserve to live, then I won't respect their opinion. Other than that, I can deal with people not liking the anime. Although I wish it would receive less hate and that people were more respectful of each other's opinions on the show. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Growing Around sucks (waits for Enter or his fans to call me troll) - Neonco31

He improved. - Gametoon

9 His insane fanbase

Let me just his fanbase is terrible, they agree with everything he says and never question it. They constantly complain about cartoons like it's the most important thing world, his fanbase needs to grow up and get a life.

10 He blocks anyone who disagrees with his opinion

He does? Wow, even if I do like his content, that's kind of pretty low for him. What is he? A cartoon reviewer version of Anime America? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If he were an admin here, he would surely suspend most of us because we might disagree with at least some of his opinions - Neonco31

No joke I commented on his DeviantArt account "You suck". He blocked me in an instant. AggressiveBlaze also said the same thing long before but I just hid his comment, did not block him - Neonco31

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11 He thinks Growing Around is good and gets butthurt when people disagree

It's made of the same things he hates... - Swellow

It would be atrocious. I find Jesuswithbazookaz79's version to be better (even though I dislike him too) - Neonco31

I hope it never gets picked up as one or it'll end up way, way, way, WAY worse than Caillou.

12 He hates Teen Titans Go! and Breadwinners

Yeah, unless it's requests from his viewers, if he doesn't like a show, he should just stop watching it instead of forcing himself to view it just to rant on it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah they're terrible shows though... - DCfnaf

And that's bad how?

Honestly, I Can't Blame Him. Those Shows Do Suck.

13 He ruined Family Guy's reputation

He just needs to stay away from Family Guy altogether. I mean, Family Guy is indeed a hateable show, but it shouldn't get this much hate. - kcianciulli

Even the bad episodes. - DynastiSugarPop

I love Family Guy, but he does have good points on those episodes. However his hate for Seth Macfarlane is annoying though in my opinion. - ShadowHawk18

14 He won't stop mentioning MLP

If I hear him mention Princess Celestia or whatever one more time... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh, because some character in the show you're critiquing said it? I have one thing to say, SHUT UP and stop mentioning it everywhere! Not everyone will like it I'm telling you. - Neonco31

Ah, don't mention that thing again - Neonco31

He keeps mentioning Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman also, whenever he thinks an adult cartoon doesn't meet his ridiculously high standards.

15 He wants and looks for morals in every cartoon he sees, even in adult cartoons!

I like morals, but they're not the point of every cartoon! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm obsessed with morals but all he does is to shove looking for morals into people's faces! - DynastiSugarPop

Not all cartoons are meant for morals. Even MLP, despite having morals, most of the time is for enjoyment, not for morals. - Neonco31

I'm fond of morals but I don't approve of his delusional belief that every cartoon is meant for them.

16 He still watches shows he hates for no reason

He's a critic it's what he does for a living it's like a firefighter not going to stop a fire He can get hurt but he's doing it because it's his job and his chosen responsibility

Why would you compare him to a firefighter? A firefighter risks his life to stop a fire, while TheMysteriousMrEnter just does reviews on YouTube. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

17 He's a manchild


You what’s baffling as someone on T.V. tropes pointed out his dethroning moment page it’s just weird how Chris Chan is berated for holding on to his childhood and yet when Enter does it he’s treated as a hero I mean seriously honestly what the hell people!? - Mario8

18 His fans attacked Casey Alexander on Twitter

Jeez, I may have criticized Casey Alexander a little in some of my Cartoon Crapisodes Rant posts, but directly harassing the writer himself on social media? That's pretty low of them. Personally, I don't use Twitter or anything else like it, but even if I did, I wouldn't just go and cyberbully someone for writing episodes I didn't like! I only CRITICIZED the writers, not HARASS them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate Casey, but that was wrong of his fans to do so.

At least Enter got angry at his fans when they did this. It's still wrong even though Casey is a jerk. - DCfnaf

19 He treats his opinions as facts
20 He asked YouTube to sue him after taking down his copyrighted material

And whilst throwing a worse-than-a-five-year-old fit in front of his viewers, that's a new low for him.

I apologize for misspelling Pixel.

Wow, after he ''reviewed'' a Pixle Pinkie episode.

21 He worships his show Growing Around like it's a religious text

Yeah. it also makes him look like a total creep

22 He keeps whining about #WTFU
23 He claims to be a brony but won't stop nitpicking several episodes

I swear he hates the episode Putting Your Hoof Down just because it is mean-spirited but the moral is consistent that you should not be over-assertive and I swear many hate it just because he does too - Neonco31

How is that a reason? - DynastiSugarPop

24 He never has any fun doing his work

Though I don't like (or watch) the Nostalgia Critic anymore, one positive thing I can say about him is at least he actually has fun with his work and his anger (at least most of time) sounds fake, Enter on the other hand sounds genuinely angry (or monotone when he is not angry) when he reviews things and almost never sounds like he is having fun at all making you wonder why he still does animated atrocities despite sounding like he doesn't want to review the cartoon, movie or episode in the first place.

25 He hates The Powerpuff Girls

And I guess the original too? - Neonco31

Didn't he say that PPG was a good show though?

He's not just hating the 2016 reboot series, he also hates the 1998 classic cartoon series. He don't even read Bleedman's PPGD webcomics and he even give it a chance.
Even worse he makes animated atrocities of PPG series wheter it's original or reboot as he takes it waaay tooo seriously!

26 He gives autistic people a bad name

I have autism, too. - DynastiSugarPop

27 He gets angry way too easily

He also should go see a psychiatrist before his own excessive anger snuffs him.

He infamously lost it TO THE TEETH in his Drawn Together: The Movie "review".

28 He hates romance or any form of heterosexual love

Mr. Enter, making asexuality look stereotypical since 2010. - Swellow


I really don't like it that much either, but I cannot hate it either. - The Ultimate Daredevil

29 He uses Autism as a scapegoat

This is just plain wrong. Autism is no special trump card for you Mr. Entard plus blaming autism is just plain bad as it will also affect other people with autism so it's a straight flush! - Neonco31

30 He hates SpongeBob

He doesn't hate Spongebob, he hates some of the new episodes. - DCfnaf

And he blocks people who disagrees with him-even if they respect his opinion - anonygirl

31 He gives out over copyright paranoia when most of his content is copyright material

Couldn't he do something that doesn't involve him blatantly stealing content? Oh wait, that would require him to do actual work... - SwagFlicks

32 He lashed out at his fans during episode 98 of Animated Atrocities

Yes, the entire video was a big "screw you" to his fans. Not a thank you, it's him being a money-greedy ass. - Swellow

Wow, the fans helped him throughout his journey and this is what they receive? Hell no! They should start unsubscribing from Mr. Enter and watch him fade out in despair because that's his punishment for attacking his own fans! - Neonco31

33 He Hates Loonatics Unleashed

Everyone hates Loonatics Unleashed. Why? Because of the Animated Atrocity TheEvilMrEnter (my name for him) made.

Hey! Loonatics Unleashed is not that great. But TheMysteriousMrEnter can actually be compared to the UTTP (not just TheRealMysteriousMrEnter) for blocking people because they have different opinions than him. - The Ultimate Daredevil, laughing his balls off because of "TheEvilMrEnter" name.

34 He gets grossed out over the smallest things

He vomited the first time he saw the Splinter

35 He said SpongeBob has no good nature and is worse than Satan

I know SpongeBob's a complete ass now in the modern episodes but you can't say he's worse than a force of evil who spreads fear and hatred in the hearts of men.

No cartoon can be worse than a mythological being that can supposedly destroy everything. - LemonComputer

36 He is special needs

He's an autistic man child

This is offensive, - kcianciulli

37 He hates Kappa Mikey

I really don't see the appeal towards Kappa Mikey. It's tolerable, but the animation is very unoriginal, the anime cliches are the two-dimensionally annoying type and because I haven't really seen it, I'm guessing its humor is its only major strong point. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I’m surprised he’s even heard of this show. - kcianciulli

38 He treats Johnny Test like a disease

Johnny Test is a good show in my opinion and this guy is just numbing over it! - Neonco31

Johnny Test is good, but the hate, NEEDS TO STOP! - DynastiSugarPop

He doesn't hate Johnny Test, he just thinks it's bland and mediocre. - kcianciulli

39 He's a SJW

That explains why he talks DOWN to his viewers like they were five-year-olds(from Emer Prevost's "epic rant" about him) and COSTANTLY demands that ALL cartoons should have morals!

40 He won't go to college because he thinks he'll get raped!
41 He refused to market/promote his Growing Around book to children/nonfans

They were the audience he wanted to attract but couldn't - HCShannon

42 He abandoned his Goodreads profile
43 He Hates Brian Griffin
44 He lies to his fanbase
45 He's obsessed with Squidward
46 He claims to be asexual, when he is a fan of sexualized anthros
47 He claims that he can't take criticism on Aspergers

Just because you're autistic doesn't mean no one can criticize you.

48 He hates Cars 2

And this is one major reason why I prefer Bobsheaux over TheMysteriousMrEnter and especially TheRealMysteriousMrEnter, his big time imposter.

Uh, everyone hates Cars 2 so why is this even an item?

49 He approves of SpongeBob abuse
50 His editing is bad

I personally think I can do better than him, watch my videos on my channel (Nexus639) and see the difference! - Neonco31

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