Top 10 Reasons Why the YouTuber TheMysteriousMrEnter Sucks

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21 He Hates The Powerpuff Girls

Didn't he say that PPG was a good show though?

And I guess the original too? - Neonco31

22 He hates SpongeBob

And he blocks people who disagrees with him-even if they respect his opinion - anonygirl

I don't care if he doesn't like SpongeBob, but he should respect opinions on people who do. - NikBrusk

He doesn't hate Spongebob, he hates some of the new episodes. - DCfnaf

23 He gives out over copyright paranoia when most of his content is copyright material

Couldn't he do something that doesn't involve him blatantly stealing content? Oh wait, that would require him to do actual work... - SwagFlicks

24 He lashed out as his fans during episode 98 of Animated Atrocities

Yes, the entire video was a big "screw you" to his fans. Not a thank you, it's him being a money-greedy ass. - Swellow

Wow, the fans helped him throughout his journey and this is what they receive? Hell no! They should start unsubscribing from Mr. Enter and watch him fade out in despair because that's his punishment for attacking his own fans! - Neonco31

25 He ruined Family Guy's reputation

Even the bad episodes. - DynastiSugarPop

26 He Hates Loonatics Unleashed

Everyone hates Loonatics Unleashed. Why? Because of the Animated Atrocity TheEvilMrEnter (my name for him) made.

Hey! Loonatics Unleashed is not that great. But TheMysteriousMrEnter can actually be compared to the UTTP (not just TheRealMysteriousMrEnter) for blocking people because they have different opinions than him. - The Ultimate Daredevil, laughing his balls off because of "TheEvilMrEnter" name.

27 He's a brony!

How is that a reason? - DynastiSugarPop

28 He gets grossed out over the smallest things

He vomited the first time he saw the Splinter

29 He said SpongeBob has no good nature and is worse than Satan

I know SpongeBob's a complete ass now in the modern episodes but you can't say he's worse than a force of evil who spreads fear and hatred in the hearts of men.

No cartoon can be worse than a mythological being that can supposedly destroy everything. - LemonComputer

30 He likes morals


31 He never has any fun doing his work

He could at least crack a couple jokes, I mean show some positivity! If you don't like your job, quit it and find another one! - NikBrusk

32 He claims to be asexual, when he is a fan of sexualized anthros
33 He asked YouTube to sue him after taking down his copyrighted material
34 He claims that he can't take criticism on Aspergers

Just because you're autistic doesn't mean no one can criticize you.

35 He gives autistic people a bad name

I have autism, too. - DynastiSugarPop

36 He hates Cars 2

Uh, everyone hates Cars 2 so why is this even an item?

And this is one major reason why I prefer Bobsheaux over TheMysteriousMrEnter and especially TheRealMysteriousMrEnter, his big time imposter.

37 He approves of SpongeBob abuse
38 He is special needs

He's an autistic man child

39 His editing is bad

I personally think I can do better than him, watch my videos on my channel (Nexus639) and see the difference! - Neonco31

40 He hates Kappa Mikey
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