Top Ten Reasons Why Yuri Sucks

Yes this is what people have come up with... If you don't agree with me than that's your call because this is my opinion!

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1 Disturbing

Getting cuck by a girl is truly disturbing.

Hey guess what? You're probably gonna be more surprised at how old I am. I'm still a virgin and in high school. And your just ASSUMING that I have a disturbing life style. In fact, I spend most of my time studying and I even got on the honour roll several times not to brag. - Swagprincess16

Verily, when I see their cheeks turn red, and bending in for a nasty wet smooch. I just want an old lady barge in the room, grab their ears and take them home. Just once, that'd be rich.

This new generation of "Do what thou wilt." Is getting out of hand, people don't think before they do certain crap. And anime is not helping by using their artstyle to polish it and make it look cute is just stupid.

Oh, and yaoi isn't?! Explain to me exactly how 2 d's are less disturbing than none. You can't, can you? Also, most yuri anime only have hugging and kissing, unless they're specifically a yuri hentai (like Shoujo Sect). You need to up your game, this whole list is stupid.

2 The whole cast is lesbian

What? This list doesn't make sense. Either you're homophobic, or you're just an idiot. What's wrong with lesbians? Some girls like girls and guys like guys too! Some people like both! I don't get any of this. Lesbians are the best. Yuri is the best.

I don't see the reason behind it either, they're really trying to force, "Gay is okay" down your throat, makes me sick when you can't even humor the parents, they're almost non existent while their daughter are off sucking each others faces. Makes me pity parents who actually have to go through those realizations.

Uh, yeah. That's kinda the whole point of a yuri anime. Do you even know what yuri is?!

That's not true at all. I've seen a yuri were one of the characters wanted to date a guy. The guy was dead but it counts! This was one of the main characters (Akuma no Riddle)

3 Cliff hanger endings

I watched Sakura Trick before and it just ended like boom boom boom! - Swagprincess16

Yeah because anime that aren't a yuri can't have cliffhanger endings. I get it. I'm a bitch but just come on

4 Large breasted characters

Oh well this is wrong like the majority of the most, the wathermelon breast do not appear only in the anime and manga yuri, or perhaps one piece, naruto fairy tail and others are yuri too? - xxxsakuyaizayoixxx

I agree. Honestly, it's so unrealistic how they have breasts the size of full grown watermelons. It's just disturbing

I love shoujo-ai.i'm a lesbian.and I think all women with different shape of body are attractive.i hate that they make these anime for perverted guys.

5 Girls trying so hard to be guys.

But what about some boys becoming girls to be noticed by their senpais. Take examples of traps.

This is one of my peeves. The tomboy character. I can to read/watch girl x girl love. Not trans x girl love. Many of the girls in Yuri hare more manly than 80% harem heroes. But blush just as much, they are both girl for crying out loud.

We realize that opposites attract and that is why straight relationships work but women should be feminine not masculine its nature not acting like an opposite drag queen 101

Just saying, that didn't happen in Miss.Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, that's also stereotyping.

6 Trying to force it into every anime
7 No plot until a character comes in

What a world full of girls is nothing, nothing to thrust in!

In ST the only thing that kept it going was one of the girls sister. She had a crush on her sisters friend so she wondered if anything was going on between them. - Swagprincess16

8 Annoying characters

Well, for tastes there are colors - xxxsakuyaizayoixxx

Yes! They're so annoying, their only character trait is that, "I'm cute and I like girls."

Cut and dry

I watched that anime and I was like what? She's older than me (i'm 10)

Well I'm not talking to you

9 Awkward

Yes, extremely. Like real life when I see dykes try to be masculine it's like, ("I thought you didn't like guys but you like females trying their hardest to be guys...logic? ")

The the other extreme when both of them are girly girls, that's just cancerous.

Try watching Pupa. Is it more awkward than a yuri?

For the person who wrote the comment on Pupa: -laughs- No. Pupa is DEFINITELY more awkward than yuri. At least for me, but that’s because I don’t usually watch over-sexualised yuri. If you feel differently, that’s fine. I won’t judge.

10 It's not necessarily for girls

This is literally the stupidest, most idiotic reason to dislike something ever. Guys can like stuff too, you know. #idiots

It's not supposed to be! Just because it's centred around relationships between girls, it doesn't mean boys can't like it! Just like how girls can like Shonen anime, which is supposed to be for boys. It doesn't matter!

Duh it's not necessarily for girls. All anime is for anyone and everyone no matter what. #Equality

Nobody ever said it was so why the hell is this a reason?


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11 Offensive to anime

HOW?! I literally don't understand! What's offensive about yuri?! Is it because it's gay?! If that's the case, then by that same logic, yaoi is also offensive to anime! Give me a good reason for this and I'll gladly accept your opinion!

This is the stupidest reason on the whole list

I feel the same way, (Attack on titan...just about every anime in existence falls victim to it. Fandoms can get out of control sometimes.)

I say it is offensive to anime because we have Yuri fans and yaoi fans making fan fics about great anime's and my friend shows them to me and I, m just like no it ruins everything about that anime

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12 It's Not About Love, It's About Fan Service

Not at all just look at sono hanabira, highwai blossoms, black honey, akuma no riddle, asagao to kase-san and others. - xxxsakuyaizayoixxx

13 Gross sexual scenes

Not all of them have it though... - Swagprincess16

Same goes for any kind of porn

That's called yuri hentai. Normal yuris normally don't

14 In most yuri animes, all the characters are girls

and? - xxxsakuyaizayoixxx

I mean come on, I know it's girl x girl, but no male characters? That's going overboard

15 Not funny

It isn't, when you take into consideration that some people can look at the genre and see (Yuri) unlisted but go into the anime and constantly see the cliche (" female side who's obsessed with the female lead"), that gets annoying

When the lesbian character is heart broken because the girl she's crushing on is in love with a boy, call it dark irony, but in the end I see the lesbian as the one with the issue and needs help, that realization is what makes me sad.

How stupid can you be?! Not every anime has to be funny! And if it isn't funny, it can still be good! Take Code Geass for example. It rarely had funny moments in it, but it's still highly praised by the anime community.

Does everything have to be funny?!?!?!?

Not interesting! A girl can't go inside another girl!

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16 Stupid

Woowww. You really thought this one through, didn’t you? Smh

17 Fan Service

Man it's not like other animes doesn't have fan-service, and not al the yuri it's fan-service, but I agree a little with this point there's so much animes and mangas with fan-service. - xxxsakuyaizayoixxx


18 Fanboys/Girls

This is the worst reason. Every single anime has fans, yuri or not. You're probably a fan of something, right?

19 Something media has come up with

True, they need to push LGBT forward in the societal takeover, so why not use ANIME!

People look at homosexuality so unrealistically they'll use anime to the reality that, Reproduction is what builds and keeps a civilzation going, and Homosexuality is the opposite, ultimately being one of many oppositions to the prosperity of the human race.

20 Obnoxious openings

This is true for some yuri. Honestly, most of the things on the list go for only some yuri - TheEvilAlpaca

21 Even if there are sexual scenes, they can do nothing but rub each other.


In most PG-13-Rated Yuri, Yes.

22 Not realistic

Okay, how much anime, manga, visual novels and yuri hentai have you seen? - xxxsakuyaizayoixxx

Neither is Fullmetal Alchemist. Or Code Geass. Or Attack on Titan. Yet they’re some of the most popular anime series ever made.

Okay,there are 6 girls.The live in one town(or sometimes even go to the same school or have the same job).They are all friends.And 4 of them is gay...What are the odds of it? I've seen it 4-5 times already(considering I'be watched 20-25 anime total).

23 Often involve some kind of rape.

How many times have you seen lesbians in anime kissing/groping their crush before even confessing? I have seen it a lot.Dangerously lot.At least 50% of the time the lesbian is question ether deceives or straight up pins down the other girl.

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