Top 10 Reasons Why Zealous Scout is a Better Dictator Than Kim Jong Un

And here's how I have could overtake North Korea... If I had could done it!!!

The Top Ten

1 Kim Jong Un penis isn't as short and tiny as Zealous Scout penis

Turns out it takes the best microscope to view my penis - Zealous_Scout

2 Zealous Scout once took over the world and managed to bring humanity to it's knees by nuclear force in Civ 5 while Kim Jong Un can't

Good thing I have my nuclear missiles - Zealous_Scout

3 Zealous Scout once forced Princess of Wales to make a romantic porn movie starring him and her while Kim Jong Un didn't

Turns out it was a flop in the movie industry - Zealous_Scout

4 Zealous Scout led the first empire consisting his computer desk to his bathroom while Kim Jong Un didn't
5 North Korea doesn't have tiny nukes capable of blowing up nothing while Zealous Scout have
6 Kim Jong Un once ordered a takeout from a Chinese restaurant while the Chinese restaurant delivered a takeout to Zealous Scout without charges
7 Kim Jong Un couldn't make Chuck Norris cry while Zealous Scout could
8 Kim Jong Un once got quickscoped by Swedish newbies while Zealous Scout quickscope them hard
9 North Korea's concentration camps inmate aren't concentrated while concentration camps in Zealous Scout empire is concentrated
10 Kim Jong Un didn't get a dictator diploma while Zealous Scout have one

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