Top Ten Reasons Why Zoos Are Bad

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21 Zoochosis Can Kill the Animals

Cincinnati was a great example

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22 Animals Can Get Annoyed by Zoo Keepers In the Animals Cages

What does that have to do with it

Tis article is so sad

23 Animals in Zoos are Being Harmed V 1 Comment
24 They don't have enough space

They don't have enough space because animals in the wild could run as much as they want and they could also go far and in zoos they could only run a little bit and the animals are going to run back and forth. That's why I'm Anti-zoo

25 Turtles In London Zoo Used to Have Their Shells Polished

I hate it when people dress up animals or do stuff like this. They're not little humans, they're ANIMALS. And don't take that away from them. - SammySpore

26 Polar Bears Are Not Popular Enough
27 The Animals Scare the Little Children and Then the Children Scare the Animals Back

It is natural for an animal to make a loud noise in the wild which is why some animals (EG lions) scare the toddlers. There is no good reason for a toddler to scare the animal back as they are just punishing the animal back.

The animal don't like it.

28 You Pay to Watch Animals Be Animals

What the heck! We are paying to see animals being them selves!

29 Animals are depressed in zoos

The animals try to hurt themselves, and who WANTS that?! Animals deserve to be happy, just like humans do. Watching animals suffer is NOT an example of being happy. I understand zoos can be fun, but is it really worth it to have the animals suffer for your own enjoyment?

30 They Stink
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