Top Ten Reasons Why Zootopia is Better Than Sing

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1 Zootopia has more relatable characters

You actully thought Zootopia was my least favorite animated movie? Well, it's in the top ten but Sing is my last favorite animated movie, this is Iluminition at their worst, The characters are nothing but stereotypes and even more political, like that lizard (or is it a crocodile), cannot seriously befriend a koala, lizards aren't THAT big, and it's distubing to see the lizards eye pop off from the lizard, I only liked Johnny the gorilla, I can also say that the scene were the animals speak with the prisoners clearly reminds me of the sloths scene. - darthvadern

I don't like either movies but the only thing Sing has that is superior is the cast but that's about it.

Zootopia was good, Sing sucked. - Eraser

The Rhino Officers, Meena (now what I think,) Gunther, And buster Moon are all one dimensional characters. - Trollsfan536

2 Sing has "Anaconda"

Who the hell actully wanted to add this song to this movie, those people should be ashamed of themselves and think of what they did, now children will sing Anaconda in school and embarrass themselves and their lives will be ruined, I'm just glad Despicable Me 3 turned out good, while the songs in Zootopia are nothing but normal songs you hear on the radio, they don't have a bad message in themselves. - darthvadern

3 Sing is basicilly a rip-off of Zootopia

So just because the characters are animals it ripped off Zootopia? The Lion King, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and much more have animal characters. - 445956

It has the same ol' boring message, but this time, it's all about singing, the plot is worse, even Zootopia had a better plot.
The city they live in Sing is super bland and boring too, and also this isn't the first time Iluminition rips-off movies, the Secret Life of Pets was also a rip-off on Toy Story. - darthvadern

4 Zootopia has made by Disney

Zootopia is not their worst movie. I can think of tons of movies way worse than that. - Eraser

Disney sucks though...especially modern Disney. - AlphaQ

Though Zootopia was their worst movie, at least Disney has made some really good movies like Big Hero 6, Wreck-it Ralph, Moana, Frozen, etc, while Ilumination has only made 8 movies and their only good ones are the Despicable Me franschie and The Lorax, everyting else's just crap, just look at The Secret Life of Pets or Hop, they were so bad, and Sing is the worst, and 2016 was the worst year for them. - darthvadern

Eh I mostly agree with this comment, but Zootopia was definitely not Disney at its worst. Mars Needs Moms, Chicken Little, Home on the Range, and Strange Magic (yeah it's actually Disney) are examples of Disney at its worst. I mean you can hate what you hate (personally I like Zootopia, but eh) and I won't mind, but I'm only saying that Disney has produced far worse movies. - Anonymousxcxc

Being made by Disney doesn't make the movie better. I don't hate Zootopia, just pointing that out.

5 Nick Wilde is much better than Buster Moon

I liked Buster Moon a little, but that's only because of his name. Nicholas P. Wilde is waay better. In the movie he progressed from a petty criminal to an accomplished cop with good morals. It was great that Buster wanted to run a failing theater which his father spent his life savings on and that he had dreams and ambitions, but Mr. Moon just isn't as good as Nick Wilde. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah.Nick had character development.Buster Moon didn't change.

Nick Wilde actully devoloped through the movie and was interesting, his personality was great, even Judy Hopps is better than stupid Buster Moon, they literally telled the audience everything about Buster Moon rightin the begining because they're no lazy to devolop cahracters through the movie, that's not funny, we want to see our main character devolop though the movie, not spoil everything in the beginning. - darthvadern

6 Sing has bathroom humour unlike Zootopia

It is true, there was as scene about in the middle of the movie that was so disgusting. - darthvadern

7 Zootopia has better animation

Ugh, I really disliked "Sing" and all it's pandering characters and songs. Zootopia is one of my favorite animated movies so of course I think it's better in everything compared to this forgettable movie - Phillip873

I know it was made months before Sing, but that dosen't mean Sing has better animation, just lok at Emoji Movie, that movie has EVEN WORSE ANIMATION, it's usally Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks who know how to animate good, ok some of Illuminition's movies like Lorax or Despicable Me franschie has good animation but it's like just them. - darthvadern

8 Sing dosen't make any sense

It has singing animals, who the hell actully wanted to see that, it's weird how they all know our normal everyday pop songs, maybe it's set in the future, that explains how they can move like humans and sing like humans, they sing everywhere, sure, Norm of the North had singing too, but not EVERYWHERE! - darthvadern

9 Sing dosen't have a real antanogist

So I'm guessing you hate Inside Out - MegaSoulhero

Inside Out didn't need an antanogist to be good because the concept was already good enough. - darthvadern


Is it the hoe pig? The fat elephant? The metalhead porcupines, Harambe or the koala. - AlphaQ

Antanogists are what makes movies interesting, but Sing dosen't have any, it's just some stupid gorillas trying to steal money and they aren't even a big part of the movie, sure it dosen't have a suprice villian cliché but at least Zootopia has the good fight at the end of the movie. - darthvadern

10 Sing was rushed

Just because two movies from the same studio were released in one year doesn't mean one of them was rushed. Keep in mind Zootopia and Moana were released the same year and Cars 3 and Coco are movies to come out this year. - MegaSoulhero

Can we stop with these lists? Please? - Swellow

Think about it, after The Secret Life of Pets was relwased in July 2016, Illuminition completely rushes with Sing which was released in December 2016, you see how rushed it was, Zootopia took years to do. - darthvadern

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11 Sing is too cheesy while Zootopia is not

Yeah, VERY cheesy. - darthvadern

12 Sing is rude

If you try to pay to watch sing its like $13 plus It is rude and disgusting why would you want to watch a movie that can be rude to you! that movie was very rude about me I'm not going to say what it said but come on if your like me don't spend your money on it THEY just want us to feel bad I would rather the old lady lizard do something weird in front of me more than watching
that dumb movie it is a rip off my opinion Don't BUY IT because there are a lot of things why I will list 'em' here...
1. its way to cheesy!
2. Its very rude
3. It's a waste of money!
4. Doesn't make any sense!
5. Was rushed
6. Potty humour
7. discussing
8.a rip of to Zootopia
9. Zootopia is a more entertaining movie!
10. Sing dose not make a difference
thanks I hope you understand those sing lovers!

13 There was a nice plot twist in Zootopia.

Bellwether was the villian, And I didn't know until I saw it! It even made #3 on watch mojo's top ten disney plot twists!

14 There is a mystery and crime accent in Zootopia
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