WWE Is Corrupt

Yes. I just said it. WWE is the most corrupt sports organization in the world. I am seriously dumbfounded about how WWE functions. I'm going to make a lot of comparisons to other major sports leagues (which are hated by most WWE fans) to emphasize my conclusions about the corruption of WWE.

1. FAN SERVICE- WWE was notorious for it's fan service back in the 1990s. I think that is one of the worst things to do. If you only listen to what the fans want, then the league will not be able to evolve over time. They mostly wear the same uniforms they used to. Why? The fans. They mostly have the same rules. Why? The FANS. They like to rig matches at times to create an icon for the GODDAMN fans to hate. Why? THE FANS!! Do you see what I'm getting at. In all other sports, there is evolution because it's what the league wants. Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Car Racing, and most Olympic Sports have evolved over time. Why? Because the league wants them to.

2. CHAMPION CHOOSiNG SYSTEM - John Cena is the most hate wrestler due to all of his titles. WHY? Because WWE has the most INCONSISTENT principles on how to choose a champion. You can be doing your first WWE tournament and STILL win the season title. That is GARBAGE!! To win a championship, it takes time, training and patience just for most of the great players to win a title. They also have to play EVERY GAME IN A SEASON!! And that proves how unfair WWE wants to make things for those who train.

3. THE FANBASE - I HATE WWE's fanbase. It's 30 times as annoying as the Twilight fanbase. They claim that other sports aren't as brutal and unpredictable. But I digress about that. I won't get into all of that without having bias.

4. PAY-Per-Views - I DESPISE these. Why shpuld we pay for scripted events, when we can watch live events of all the events I mentioned for free. IT'S REDICULOUS! And it shows greed by wWE

And that's why I think WWE is corrupt.