Reasons the Xbox 360 is Better Than Nintendo Wii

The Top Ten

1 Xbox 360 is more powerful

Hardware is important, since you can make better games on better hardware.

2 Xbox 360 online is not dead

Wii online was shut down in 2014, Xbox Live on the 360 is still doing well

3 Wii has bad, gimmicky controllers
4 Xbox 360 has HD graphics
5 Xbox 360 has a built in Ethernet port
6 Wii has watered down Call of Duty games
7 Motion controls are not shoved down your throat

At least the last few Wii games like Mario Party 9 didn't rely too much on motion controls

8 Xbox 360 has less shovelware
9 Wii has no GTA
10 Wii has less storage

The Contenders

11 Xbox 360 has Halo
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