Reasons You Are Pissed Off With the Operator of TheTopTens

I hope this subject won't get removed by the fickle administration. If that's the case, then I'll be convinced that the operator is exceptionally irresponsible and incapable of being cool and helpful.

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1 He/she is not always communicative

So, you sent a message that apparently did not contain contact information and honestly expect the managers of the site to add a post that can be seen by every single person visiting the site just to respond to one person? What makes you so special that your personal message constitutes "news" for all of us?

Ew, ok... I was meaning 'fickle' and not 'freckle'. I hope that is understood now. Actually, I really hope nothing won't get deleted from this list and that this list will make it to be seen.

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2 He/she doesn't pay attention to the 'frozen' votes

Do you know how many times I have voted several items in several lists and they are stuck forever on 0, something%?

3 He/she is not stable

Sometimes, he/she gives you a very good impression and some other times he doesn't even try to be helpful or show some shreds of good will.

4 He/she doesn't always meet your asinine expectations

I have an overblown sense of entitlement so I like to be intentionally difficult and then resort to name calling when people don't jump thru hoops to make me happy.

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5 You like being pissed off

Provide contact information or not? Hmm, with the first option people will be able to respond to me. With the second they can't which I'll interpret as a personal slight that I can get all bent out of shape over. Option 2 it is.

6 You are an attention whore

Contact form. Screw that. Everything I say should be seen by every one. Don't make a blog post and I'll add a list for all to see.

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